I cannot understand...

why you wouldn't come out running the ball, especially in those conditions....why you keep throwing when it's obvious it isn't working....why, after buck is hurt AGAIN, because you keep trying to throw instead of run, you put Elliot out there. I thought Brink was no.2.....why you keep Elliot out there when it's obvious he's not getting it done...but I really can't understand why the refs thought there was only one team that they should penalize in the first half!!!!!!!!!!

Didn't make sense at the beginning Dan. . . after the way Simpson and Ford destroyed Toronto's run D last week, it made no sense to come out throwing. . . but Simpson and Ford also went down during the game about the same time as did Buck, so I can understand not running when Elliott and Brink were in (well that plus the deficit).

Crowton tried to be smarter than the average bear. Yes Hamilton was loading the box but you still need to establish the run...

Agreed, made no sense whatsoever at the start of the game. I can understand relying more on the pass after both simpson and ford went down with injuries but not before that, especially coming out after a game like the Toronto one. I think they came in looking at the last two wins against the TiCats thinking they threw the ball well against them, Hamilton has a suspect secondary, lets go after them again. I don't think they game planned to exploit what was working well for them lately, which is the run game, and were too slow to shift to it when the pass game was struggling.

When everyone expects you to to play a certain way, sometimes it's good to go another. The problem was we were bullied on the lines. They were much more fired up than we were, and that was the game. Our Oline just can't give much pass protection.

That's been a problem with Crowton and Burke alluded to it. This mind game of setting things up, give it up. Play to your strenghts. Unfortunately after he figured it out his two RB got injured and that was it.