I can save the Cats a bundle.......

To the Ticat management....For the next home game put me in at running back and I will run the 17 yards the Ticats got last game. Here's the kicker....In return, I only want a large Coke and a bag of popcorn for doing it. I think it's a win win situation, the Cats save a bundle and I get a couple of snacks.

have you seen the price of a large coke and a bag of popcorn at IWS? you’d be better off signing two more RBs


What about the insurance premium they will need to pay (likley very high for you) when you get hit by some 250 pound monster and likely never walk again?

18-yd run to the sidelines.

Brilliant idea tell ye what I am pretty good at underthrowing receivers i could take over for jason mass and all do it just for an extra ticket to the game so this girl I like can watch me qb the cats

sorry, 54 is a LB number...

Sorry, but all popcorn is reserved for R.J. Soward on Labour Day.