I can fee the Vibration outside my office Window!

Grey Cup is definitely in full swing here! Wow..

I can hear the music out there..

Highway to Hell
Johnnie B Goode.

i have a few friends making the rounds out there today. I was told there is a 40 minute wait just to get a wristband for the zip-line.. Thank goodness thats not an activity I want to do. might get some tickets for the Saturday night cabaret.. not sure what else.... looks like fun out there. my friend has posted some of her pictures out there.. I am looking forward to stuff this weekend.

I read in the paper today they are expecting a 4 hour wait for Riderville this weekend. Wish I could have made the trip this year. Unfortunately I gotta work. Anyway, cheer hard cflisthebest and have a couple for me while you are at it.

4 Hr wait???? :roll:

well, I guess that's what being the greatest fans in the league does.. :rockin:

Gawd your repeated "we are the best fans" rant is nauseating to no end. I was planning on cheering for the Riders but I gotta tell ya part of me wants the Al's to win now just to hopefully shut you up. I know that sounds childish but man I can't help myself.