I can do it, I will do it, and Im going to do it.

Guys what you had the pleasure of watching yesterday was one of the top offensive performances Ive ever seen from the boys in

We should all be very proud.

You've really got to start appreciating the efforts were seeing
from our top dogs........no more will they be called hot dogs.

I hope Reggie Hunt appreciates the new attitude!

I guess Eskylo you could say Reggie Hunt was ridin on Lewis's coat tails yesterday.

Since I taped the games on the weekend, I have to say, that the Burris to Lewis TD was one of the finest offensive efforts that I have seen in quite some time! One of my brother's is a high school Football coach, and he is going to use it to demonstrate the expertise of this particular run. As I am sure other coaches will too.

I will pass that on to Nik!