I said as soon as the deal went south…that losing Burris to calgary would come to burn the riders…not only did they score a huge touchdown on the first play of the the first game of the season…but Tom Higgins also got to slap the face of the edmonton eskimo critics who said he was 2 conservative…who the hell runs the hitch screen bomb…and scores…I really shoulda threw money down on that cuz I am a big Rider fan…but Roy Shivers…you suck idiot.

Copeland threw the pass not Burris

It’s also preseason.

Not the point…a touchdown is a touchdown…its a burn altogether…I hate the stamps…but you gotta admit…that play leaves a sour taste in a guys mouth…Burris will get his yet…

Preseason in the CFL is not the preseason in the NFL…in this league…you better show up to play on day 1 cuz there is no tomorrow…so whether its preseason or not…it really doesnt matter.

Hey Copeland used to play for Montreal and I could not care less.
Long way to go before we ingrave Cal on the cup

Are you watching the Play-by-play?


reading is more like it

well I pick calgary to make the playoffs over winnipeg…but the cup for those jackasses is a long way off…this one is just personal…

oo two straight incompletes for burris

Am770 is also streaming the audio…together with the play-by-play it is very cool…

we’ll see buddy

hmmmmm turnover…lovely

Stegal fan…call your mentor and tell him his pension check is ready

is the play by play working?

tumblersman tell your spelling teacher hes fired

wow i am very impressed

ya got a website for am770

Oh, the irony.