i called it a few days ago

Wow what are the ticats doing, reading my post. Well they read them wrong. They needed a QB as well. But they traded davis. I guess lumdens the man in hamilton now. I’m happy canadain runningback to carry the team, I hope this works for the cats. If the cats are reading this get raid of danny, Find a young QB that can RUN, no more pocket passing old men. Well i’m surprised, but kind of guess it. Talk to you all soon. Keeping the CFL strong in Korea.



No old pocket passers? If the Cats traded for Dickenson, you'd be wetting yourself!

They've been bringing in young QBs, like Jon Beutjer and Kevin Eakin. They've got Brady, and everyone says they haven't given him a fair shot, though I think they have. In the 9 years since Danny came to Hamilton, in spite of injuries that have allowed others to start at the position, the Cats haven't won a single game without McManus at QB.

McManus is the best QB the Cats have. Cut him, in favour of a player who is not as good, just because he's younger? That's dumb.

Mobility isn't the most important thing to have in a QB. Danny couldn't run in '98 or '99 either, and the Cats were the best team in the league in those years.

you want someone younger. trade you tee martin for.... who do you have left to trade?

i agree with bigdave. now that you are out of the playoffs i can understand trying some new qb with potential. you do not have that in brady. and unless you have someone that could be better than mcmanus don't bother.

mcmanus is not your problem although i suspect he is done after this year.

called what?

Not tough to figure out, Kanga. . .he does say, "they traded davis" right in there.

I don't feel like reading long post today. I'm feeling lazy, had a hard coupie of days of nothing but test after test.

If you're not willing to read the posts, don't expect everyone else to do your research for you.