You know what I'm talking about !!

  Clifford Ivory has made a living off those things and now we are feeding Anwar Stewart.  
  He stuffed it down our throats real good.

   Why won't the other teams throw the sucker pass so we can get an easy TD .

If our tackle had made his block , the play would have been a killer but ...
It wasn't the play that was the problem , it was the execution that shut it down.

Anybody notice that all of our poorly executed plays were gadgety or “gimmicky” plays? The flea flicker resulted in a sack. A fake reverse leading to a screen ended up in an interception for a touchdown. We ran another shovel pass near the goalline and (surprise) failed.

When we ran some nice traditional slants, outs, and seams, we were successful. If we can continue to play non-sandlot football, and maybe even establish a running game, we’ll start winning ball games.

It was so poorly executed you almost get the idea they've only run it a couple times in practice, last month, and it didn't work then.

If it had of worked you would of been on here singing its praises.