If you get credit when things go well you should get blame when things go wrong.


So your caps lock button is NOT stuck I see

Than it's all Bruce and Trafralis's fault.

To me, our biggest downfall tonight was the offensive line. They were getting consistently pushed around and Porter, Glenn and Tafralis just couldn’t get into a rhythm (have enough time) to generate anything positive. I don’t know but maybe we should have put two tightends in to try and hold back that rush a little longer.

Our OL got owned, our DL got owned, our receivers got owned, our QB got owned, our KR's got owned, the fans got owned paying to watch such a brutal game....

You guys tried that midway through the game and it made very little difference. Montreal's D-line was just dominant.

I don't think this speaks to Hamilton at all. Sometimes, you get blown out. It happens to every team. And with parity being the way it is this season, who knows who'll win and who'll lose on a given week?

SSShhhhhhhh, please don't upsert the witch burners, keep your sensible comments to yourself!!

Im glad I did not buy tickets to this game tonight.

How do you justify blaming Marcel .We were absolutely horrible to-night anyone one who thinks we have turned any corner you are wrong.
That was not a coaching loss although the OC should take the brunt of the blame because the play calling in the first half was attrocious.
The Dline was handled pretty good by 2 second string O line men on the left side of that O line, we got shreded by AC AND AC.
And oh ya MB, Porter is not even near ready to guide this team he’s at least a year maybe even 2 away from being a good offensive leader.
We’ve seen some pretty good QB’S in this league and the real good ones take three or four years to develop.
Back to the drawing board boys.

Tonight I have to agree what did he not say at halftime. Where was the TICATS we saw last friday????

The one thing I will continue to harp on from a coaching standpoint is the offensive scheming. Oski-oui-oui has analyzed it in excellent detail, but it bears repeating simply because it is a major recurring problem. The formations aren't creative, the pre-snap motion is kindergarten, and there is little or no attempt to create east-west separation via rubs, picks, and stacked routes. As a result, it is far too easy for opposing teams' DBs to stick in man coverage. It is actually a testament to the personnel you have on offense that the team has remained relatively productive thus far, because Vanilla Gibson sure isn't helping.

Tonight, DAP, I would wager maybe five plays TOPS an Als DB was saying to himself "who's my guy?" It's mindboggling that they can't get the pre-snap motion at least semi-challenging. All we got tonight was a bunch formation where the receivers FANNED out and never crossed. Pathetic!

Oski Wee Wee,


Marcel is the coach, and therefore shares much of the blame for this catastrophe. If his offensive co-ordinator can't draw up more complicated passing routes, it is up to the head coach to inject it in, especially one who's "expertise" is as an offensive co-ordinator.

And I would also wager that those 5 plays probably gave the Cats receivers the best chance of, you know, ACTUALLY GETTING OPEN. :lol:

Ti-Cat receivers are being asked right now to get open on nothing but athleticism and willpower on most plays, and that's a horrible burden to place on your offense. Good coordinators put their players in a position to excel, not in a position where they have to fight like mad dogs for every gain and play perfect football just to pick up a damn first down (or else get lucky by running the perfect play against what the defense is showing).

A speedy guy like Currie, for example, is made for shallow crosses built off rubs from the inside slotback that allow him to put DBs and (if the matchup is right) linebackers in a chase position, giving Porter/Glenn a nice window in which to deliver a pass. You give Currie a chance to get outside on the cross and he can probably rip off 10-15 yards for you. A possession receiver like Stala would thrive on the Cahoon-type bang routes or short curls, with Bruce and/or P-Rod crossing on deep routes to get defenders confused about man assignments and create (again) that all-important separation for the QB to deliver the ball. And P-Rod, with his big frame, should not have any trouble getting inside position on slants if, say, McDaniel is running a deep cross the other way.

There is so much potential with the talent you have on offense. It is a crying shame to see it underutilized.

Oh screw you.....lol it's our talent ,we'll use it any way we want.. stop being so damn right DAP....lol

I am kidding of course!

Someone please forward the above post to our OC and Marcel...

I find it funny that you have a couple pages of people wanting Glenn to start because Porter looked so bad.

In the end, I agree with this topic.

Marcel's fingerprints were all over this loss tonite.

The offense is very offensive. We don't even try to establish a run, we throw right away into the win, OL couldn't do anything and the receivers weren't getting open. Porter and Glenn can take some blame in this game but when the pocket collapses in 2 seconds, you can't do much. The whole offensive system is flawed. We need a true offensive genius to run this offense. If not, we are going to get blown out of more games. Our slow starts on offense are cause by poor play selection.

Our defense was probably written up on a napkin before the game. I understand that you don't want to get too many guys caught up field because of AC's quick release but just sending our dline in all nite wasn't getting the job done. We have to get rid of this stupid zone defense, it just gets picked apart. Even with MTL going into the wind, it was no problem at all.

Immediately I get rid of Bo Smith and Sandy Beveridge. These guys can't cover anyone.

In the offseason, I get a new coordinator.

We were unprepared for this team. We looked even worse than the opening season loss to Toronto.

Marcel is a good HC but on the offense we must still be using his playbook.

I would wish people would stop blaming the coach and blame the right people like the people who didnt do thier jobs last night! :roll: