I bid you adieu....for now

I have to say goodbye for now. Finished finals now and now I have to go make some $$$ so I can pay for school again next year and hopefully stay out of debt. So to everyone I wish your teams a good season, and hope you guys won’t have too many hard feelings when the Riders roll over your teams.
And anyone in BC, if you see a really dirty tree planter with a bobby jurasin bandana on. don’t be scared to stop and talk. We may stink but we usually don’t bite.

And don’t worry I will be back at the end of July, so don’t get too confortable in your Rider bashing, cause I will be back to defend them, but some how I don’t think I won’t need to be doing much of that.

Go Riders Go
I bleed Green
See you in BC in Nov

Hey Billy, you picked the wrong time to go to BC. Grey Cup is only in November. Get yourself a CPU out there and come drop a line or two anytime.

Anyways, you’ll know where to find us.

Take care and enjoy growing pot… Err, I mean, planting trees.

Quick, now thats he’s gone lets stay mean stuff about him behind his back.

JJ…have fun.

Hey Billy Soup…There are internet cafe’s out here in Lotus land. Keep in touch.
And while 3rd & 10 joked about our “funny crops” don’t laugh…People have been known to stumble onto them in the back woods!

Have a good one Billy…talk to you again in July. Sportsmen is right, if you’re near a PC check in.

Don’t work too hard Billy; and we’ll see you end of July. I truly wish your Riders the best but I think it will be the almighty Al’s who will be lifting the Grey Cup come november. Take care ;<)