I bet Ottawa wishes they had kept Glenn now

I am sure glad that Burris went to Ottawa and not to the Bombers

idunno...he is 8/13 today and has had 4 dropped.

Yep, they should've left in as the back-up, and they would've had DeMarco as third string. Not a bad combo... The East gets somebody decent and they trade'em out west...

"should've, could've would've" and we don't know if Glenn at the controls would be any better. The "O" lines lack of protection, receivers dropping balls and running bad routes. Only 6 games in to the season, did we expect a winning season and a record breaking year for Burris with an expansion team?

I sure wish Collaros wouldn't have taken that vicious hit to the upper body area :x

I don't believe Kevin would have any better numbers in Ottawa this season than what Henry has.

What I don't like about Ottawa's lineup is their receiving corps. It's pretty weak, to be frank. I doubt it would matter whether they had Glenn or Burris throwing to them; they just aren't very good. I'd say it's the weakest receiving corps in the league.

Ottawa's receivers are the worst I've ever seen on one team.
I can't understand why they are not using Paris Jackson. He must be better than the chumps they've been using.

There are lots of former cfl receivers who are not playing right now who are improvements to what Ottawa has currently. Where are Rodriguez, Bratton, and others who are better than ottawa's receivers but not on a roster right now? Mo Mann was just picked up by the argos, but Ottawa could have used him when he was available.

I Agree with SlimJim Should Have, Would Have, Could Have but didn't, they certainly had their opportunity to but selected Burris instead.

I don't think the QB situation is as bad as the fact that the Redblacks have zero receivers, they have a good back in Chevon Walker but need at least three really good receivers with speed and experience for Burris to throw to, just look at the numbers Burris was putting up in Hamilton the past two years?

Get some receivers Ottawa!!

...from a completely RedBlacks corporate point of view, Burris is your guy...he is a decent family man who works hard in the community to establish credibility and PR....not saying Glenn isn't, but Burris knows how to 'work' the off-field product, and in Ottawa's situation that is perhaps more important right now than on-field performance...seriously, even the owner said that if they win 3 or 4 games this entire year that is great with him, and the way things are going his predication might be spot on..

Three or four wins puts Ottawa at a minimum at third place in the east. I can't see Montreal winning that many this season.

Hank is a great guy and all but at 39 his best years are behind him as he is clearly showing.
The fact the receiving corp is surprisingly awful does not help.
It's not hindsight, but effort should have been made to sign Willy or Collaros as a FA.

4 wins and 3rd + a BC or Sask win the res of the season equates to a crossover. Anyone else in the West would already have that covered. The reality is that 8-9 wins is likely required for 3rd in the west and a playoff game.

Burris and Glenn have virtually the same QB rating, and Kevin Glenn plays with a way better supporting cast. I think Glenn would actually fare worse than Burris if he were with Ottawa.


And that's assuming Glenn INSTEAD of Burris. If they mean Glenn AND Burris, my understanding in the offseason is that this would have made Glenn angry and plunged the entire locker room into chaos as a result. :roll:

Let's maybe factor in that they got Antoine Pruneau for Glenn. Pruneau is now starting at SLB, had eight tackles this past game and looks like a keeper. :thup:

Never said he would. Burris was 12/13 when I posted that…if the clear drops are caught. He has sub-par guys to throw to IMO