I bet A.J. Gass is happy right now.

His team won and he was able to injure another player. That must have made his day.

Yeah, what a complete bonehead.... That cost the Riders the game, Im pretty sure of that. They were moving the ball like it was nothign..

that was just dirty, not illegal, but he didnt have to do it like that

The hit wasn't late. The hit wasn't high to the head. The hit wasn't low to the knees. How exactly was he supposed to "do it"?? It was a good ol' fashioned clean, hard football hit. It is one of the reasons I watch the game. Perhaps your sensibilities would be better suited to watching figure skating.

The hit was text book. Gaas is an amazing player. Rider fans will look for any excuse for the loss.

Congi blew it. Esks dominate Riders this year. Look for Calgary to do the same next week.

Rider fans aren't looking for any excuses. Who cares about that game?
Congi blew it?
You could wish Fleming was as good a kicker as Luca is.
49 yards in rain and snow.

And Gass is what again? The worst middle linebacker Edmonton has had in 30 years?
No wonder you guys will be booking golf tours next week.

There's not much else to say.
Esks 3. Riders 0.

What a joke the Riders are letting the dismal Esks dominate them this year.

Riders will be booking golf tours after next weekend.

The only hit I saw that could be considered "dirty" was early in the game where Brady hit, I think it was Fantuz, who was already on the ground, tackled, and after the whistle had blown. Brady played close to the edge tonight, but was lucky that he only got caught once.

It would appear some rider fans are. Perhaps it will be emotional turmoil of having to watch their teammate take a big hit from a linebacker that will cause them to lose next week against Calgary.

So, it is your position that that play had nothing to do with the Riders losing the game?
I doubt the team was in "turmoil" so much as sending in a cold QB on a cold, wet day for a second and long play might be considered a pivotal moment in the game.
Personally, I had no problem with that hit other than the fact that most of the year the refs have been calling chinsier stuff than that.
If I wanted to complain about Gass, it isn't too hard to find worse hits, because what he lacks in skill he certainly makes up for in "dirty".
A hit earlier on Grant was way late, but could have been called spearing anyway.

Maybe they will and maybe they wont.... The difference is, the riders has a "Next Weekend"

What is Dismal... is Edm barely won the game with the Riders playing (16) 4th stringers against the schmoes top lines.

Excuse me? Just when did Johnson become our #1 QB? Ooh, it must be when they played Jyles, right?

How about Winkel - he must be our #1 running back now too, eh?

I was born, raised, and lived my first 31 years in Saskatchewan. I love that province and dearly miss it. However, I have never been able to stand rider fans. Want some cheese with that whine?

Yes you're right Edmonton did play some of their second and third stringers too. But Saskatchewan didn't play most of their first stringers at all, including Dominguez, Joseph, Davis, Keith, Armstead, Shultz, Nate Davis, and Bush. That's a lot of key players missing from the puzzle.

No, Arius. It is my position that rider fans are notorious for coming up with loser excuses for loses, and not having won a Grey Cup since the 1980's. I just found it ironic that you said, and I quote "Rider fans aren't looking for any excuses", when just a few posts earlier, a rider fan was looking for an excuse.

You see, that's why I quoted your denial of rider fans using excuses, then I quoted another rider fan using an excuse, and now I am quoting you doing some more predictable whinning. You see, my position really isn't that difficult to figure out.

Hold on idiots... I did not say the hit was illegal, i clearly stated that. But it pisses me off that he is a dirty player. I bet that if the league did a players poll, AJ Gass would be one of the top 3 dirtiest players. And I dont whine about football, read all my posts if you like. That was just stupid.

Anybody, Esk fans included even if they dont want to admit it, would rather have Luca Congi over Sean Fleming.

And EE why are u saying that the Riders are gonna be booking golf tours after next weekend? The eskimos have had theirs booked for a while now I believe. So Be quiet, you have nothing.

The riders realistically have a very legit chance at getting to the Grey CUp.

Listen up, "idiot", nobody said you called the hit illegal. What you did do, was call it "dirty" and whine that "he didn't have to do it like that", queue violin.

When asked what was dirty about it, since it wasn't late, it wasn't high to the head, and it wasn't low to the knees, your answer is that you'd prefer to have Luca Congi over Sean Fleming. OOOOOOOKKKKKKKK. Try to focus, my friend.

Sask left 16 1st stringers at home.

Edmonton played their first stringers the first half, and part way into the 3rd quarter.

So you feel more comfortable with the likes of EE and larrysmiles. Gotcha!

You see, my position really isn't that difficult to figure out.
Well, Larry, we can agree on something. Your paper thin arguments have never been very hard to figure out.