I believe again

Once again during the Sask game, I found myself seeking and believing in a comeback for the first time in a long while. The Maas/Taaffe era had taken that out of me and during the Argo game I was waiting for roof to fall in.
Now I believe again!
For what it's worth, I'm the first guy to hold the referees accountable but I'd have made the same call on the review. (I would be asking why judge #51 called a touchdown when he had the best view from the 2 yard line...)
Great ball game, fun to watch, too bad about the result, but a very solid performance against a very good team.
Should be a great year.

I totally agree. We should all believe again. Not only that, but get to the park and support as well.
I can usually only get to one game a year, this year was at Toronto. I was glad I went.

I believe and I think the team believes as well.

In training camp, I could tell something was different with this team. In Game #1, I was disillusioned. Totally speechless.

Games 2 and 3 restored my faith in this team. You can tell they believe in themselves as well. Not by what they say (they said the same things last year), but with how they play on the field.

The thing that's impressed me most, is how this team NEVER GIVES UP ON A PLAY! I'm not just saying that because of Bradley's play, just in general.

Welcome back to the bandwagon.