I appoligize

So I've been pissing off people on this board from time to time ripping the CFL. I've come to realize more sports in this country are welcome as it makes our sports psyche that much better. Canada needs to continue producing the best athletes such as we have this year.

Go Argos?

Wait a minute, this posting is coming from the same guy who continues to rip the Argos and the CFL regularly.
What’s up with that.

Appoligy accepted.

I would have accepted an apology too.

Not bad spelt it wrong hmmm should not throw stones there dragon!

Argo Bill, forget it! I will be one that does not accept. Your an idiot. I guess that is what you are looking for right.

What are you talking about?

Methinks that RedWhite05 hast confused the beastly dragon with the noble dragoon- that mounted infantryman who so influenced warfare from the 16th C. through to WWI.

Bill, its time for your meds.

Yes A_B, without the CFL or NHL teams, CHL teams, AHL teams etc. there are less things to do to take in a sporting event in your city, get out of the house and enjoy with your fellow citizens some good ol' sporting events. Sounds very logical to me. Sure we'd all like, in every city over 50,000 say in Canada to have a team in all the big time leagues but we know this isn't going to happen so lets just celebrate what we have which is pretty darn good and enjoy and add to it if we can.


...AB, a man is often measured by what he does, not by what he says he does.....walk the walk to back up your apology....

I guess time will tell.

I will accept your apology Argos Bills.......as long as it proves real.

I agree 100% with this, sayin im sorry is one thing, but actually meaning it is quite another...

and doing something to change is yet another....

Taking the step to post an apology publicly and saying he's wrong is taking a pretty good step in walking the walk. How many other posters here have acted like jack-asses here and would do what Argos- Bill did? Or even admit they did something wrong? Sorry folks but the only classy option when some one apologizes sincerely is to accept.

Im not so sure that apology was really all that sincere, but if it is then I will personally apologize to him-- fair enough?