I Applaud Taman For Signing Our Top 3 free Agents - BUT??

We still need capable Back Up QB'S Just in case Glenn Goes down again. Dinwiddie wants back up $$$ to sign (apparently) in the Dickenson, Crandll, Pierce range. He has not proven himself yet. We traded Banks for forking over 2 much $$$ for him, we won't make that mistake again, sorry Ryan you have only played one one full game and it was not your best.

We released Kingsbury, who nobody even knows about, we released him, so i guess he is no good. Justin Holland looked good in TC Last Year, but was released and us now a Free agent. So that leaves us with Kevin Glenn and Zac Taylor (who has not taken a CFL snap in a game ever).

So all this brings up one point and Question, I sure hope Taman has ONE GOOD TRICK under his sleeve and who can we actually get without giving up a load of players? Only names that come to mind are: Marcus Crandell, Jason Maas (as i think Edm got him for trade bait) and Rocky butler.

Longshots are Marcus Brady (who i really like), Damon Allen (does he have enough left?) would make a good QB coach as well, DD could be trade bait (see Damon) and
the longest shot is Buck Pierce (Wally would wannt too much and has a hisory of screwing us ie. Simon).

What do you BB fans think will happen in our never ending soap opera of the QB SITUATION?

Who do you think Taman will trade for? If anyone.

Is there any GOOD enough qb's on the FA list to fill the back up spot? an NO Akilias Smith, Please.

Let me know what you think about this topic BB fans? and what do you think will happen? and what would you like to see happen?

Myself i think we make a move for Rocky butler ,Chang or Marcus Brady. I would rather see Brady as a Bomber.
Sorry Dinwiddie, but if we are going to dish out that kinda $$$, i say we make a move for a proven back-up who deserves it (Crandell, Pierce, Maas etc.)

I can see us drafting a QB, I doubt he will make any major moves.

I agree slither. I think he is going to try talk dinwiddie down cuz no1 is going to pay him that kinda cash and he has to realize that.

He pretty much wants to keep the same team as last year. Drafting a QB is probably the best we will do. Chances are Dinwiddie will be the back-up again next season. But i dont have no problem with Dinwiddie i mean he is a good back-up, could be better but hes promising.

Come training camp or shortly after, there will likely be one or two back-ups come available.

In BC I suspect wally will hold on to what he has. Calgay might be encouraged to give up shankey…

Edmonton likely won’t release anyone else

Saskatchewan will likely release Durant, Jyles, or Tate. I suspect two of the three will be gone. If last year is any prove, Saskatchewan can’t afford to give up crandell.

Hamilton has nothing.

Montreal, will depend on Calvillo and he is getting out.

Toronto will have Bishop and Butler…I expect Allen will resign. Can he be encouraged to come to Winnpeg…maybe but likely not…he will ride off into the sunset.

There are very many reliable number 2 guys out there…but there are a large number of number 3

What about Timmy Chang or Richie Williams (who i think is good) plus they have 2 more promising qbs in Hamilton,

Don't say they have nothing, cause they are deeper than you think and will be the surprise of this year, it'll be a tight EAST, hope the BLUE make the playoffs.

I would like to see Richie Williams here, h can run and has a pretty good arm.

ya williams did a good job as a back up last year in hamilton so ya thyey do have something, after our recent singing s and the cash put out I want nothing to do mith oldman allen.

My question after the big trade made to get Jyles why on earth would the riders release him? that is the dumbest idea in the world.

If hamilton would release williams i would definatley like to have him on this team.

...Williams has re-signed with the hammer...and got a contract extension...doubt very much he will be leaving the Cats...Chang on the other hand 'could' be avbailable...seeing as the move the Cats made with Williams gives him no. 2 status behind Printers...Sankey might be availale in cowtown, seeing as D.D. and Henry will be 1-2 or vice-versa... i doubt Sankey likes that situation...Now the Riders have an interesting situation...they traded for Jyles who they appear to be very high on...that leaves Crandell out in the cold if the Riders go with Joseph-Jyles...the schmoes have Ray-Maas love affair going again....that could mean Stefan LeFors is out???...anyway...in the end i think Taman will wait for a team to cut one of their experienced qbs. loose...and if not, i'm sure he'll look at the trade route...does draft choices seem a likely alternative, to trading a player on our roster?????we'll see.. :roll:

Id love to see sankey or crandell here…

sankey will be very possible. crandell, well sask needs to dump a whole lot of salary, and they apear to be high on jyles.

and as papa said, leflors may be available, chang may be available as he is now stuck beihind williams and printers.

Taman also said he has a lot of options, trading is a very real possibility.

Dinnwiddie better smarten up, he may be out of a job.

....i have a feeling Dinwiddie is going to be relegated to third string after a more experienced qb. is signed...probably why he's hesitant at signing on...I don't blame Taman for trying to shore-up the back-up position with more experience..and Dinwiddie has still got to prove himself in this league....and for the right $$$$$...Taman was talking alot with O.Billyboy of the Cats at the recent CFL meeting....could that mean Changs' name came up...i also heard that a deal was close for a qb. and could be announced by the end of the week...Sankey was getting a slap on the back for his play in cowtown...could that mean the stamps and him are ready to deal??????i think we should know something shortly :roll:

Calgary will have to cut some one:

Nealy and Sankey will fight for #3. I liked both Nealy and Sankey. I don't think Calgary could hide both of them.

Of course, theres always Nealon Greane!

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=24725]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... ic&t=24725[/url] :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Didn't Glenn used to back him up?

Hmmmm, reunited again! :lol: :lol: :lol:

The Hamilton Spectator is indeed reporting that Taman and Obie have at least chatted about Chang:


I'd love to see Ben Sankey here. He would be the first competent back up we've had since Kevin Glenn :cry:

I like your "play of words".

See Papa, one of your own thinks Glenn's a back up!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

...seems you got james on a technicality , sport...lol....We all know Glenn is no 1....its trying to find a no 2 that's the stickler right now...I like Chang myself...he's got a lot of upside...and playing behind an 'o' line and having great receivers like Glenn enjoys, could do wonders for the kid...I say bring him in and groom him along with Dinwiddie...(if dinwiddie shows up)...Bombers could have quite a potent qb. trio...Taman is dealing with someone....we just don't know who for sure????? :roll: