I am very frustrated with the boneheaded coaching

Our offence looks awful whenever Masoli is under pressure. The problem is not the offensive line, it is the playbook. We have no plays that are designed for Masoli to release the ball quickly, no screen plays, no passes to the RB out of the backfield, no short crossing patterns, nothing to counter the blitz at all. The other teams have figured this out and know how to stop us.

June Jones might have been a great coach in US college football, but he is seriously lacking the "smarts" to be a head coach in the CFL.

The decision to use a short kick after the TD with 1:48 left cost us the game today.

We were on the 24 yard line with 30 seconds left.... and lost 20 yards. How did the short kick cost us the game?

I'll answer for you - "But we would have only needed a FG!"

If you get to play things out the same then so do I, they kicked a FG on 3rd and 1 from our 7. If they were around their 45 they would have gone for it, get it and the game is over.

It actually worked in our favour even though it likely wasn't the right decision at the time.

I don't get your point. The 7 yard FG was before the short kick, it gave Ottawa a 10 point lead, then we scored a TD to bring it within 3.

We play the short kick, give up one first down and Ottawa kicks a FG from our 45 to go ahead by 6. If we had kicked it deep, Ottawa would have been punting from around their 40 and we would have had the ball back with almost 1 minute to go and only need a FG to tie.

The other thing with June Jones is what's his problem with Mercer Timmis? White has done BO DIDDLEY for 3 games. No big runs. 2 or 3 yard a carry. Wake me up when it's over. Mercer Timmis is bruiser and he's not afraid to block. It's time to sit White and insert somebody more physical like Timmis. I just don't understand what's so wrong with Mercer Timmis that Jones simply refuses to give him the pat on the shoulder.

Agreed. Tasker is a huge loss, they barely threw over the middle at all. And for crap's sake, maybe use Whitlock as the 6th O lineman once in awhile; then, when they only rush 3, you throw him the ball. Note I'm suggesting Whitlock because I don't think Girard has the hands for it.

Agree 100%. White whiffed a couple of blocks tonight that made a difference in the game. I'm all for Timmis starting.

Agree - If you are going to use an extra lineman as a tight end, then throw him the ball now and again, keep the defense honest

you're right - I messed up the 3rd down situations.
Only difference would have been they could have thrown on 2nd down or gone for it had it of been 3rd and 1.
It was not the reason we lost, but at the time I also questioned the decision.
It would have been a potential FG for the tie, vs a TD from the 24 for the win. Either way we had to do more with that final possession.

The worst thing a RB can do on this team is run for 100 yds.

It got Timmis and Thomas Erlington benched.

Imagine having a receiver dominate a game, and then never have him see the field again for 4 games....

It makes zero sense.

That onside was one of the worst coaching calls I've ever seen in the CFL. You don't gamble the game on a miracle when you have a buck 48 on the clock and a defense playing pretty much lights out and the crowd. It's bush league. Jones is a gambler and not one who wins or gambles wisely. He's a better fit for Casino Rama than he is for the Ticats.

The O.Line has to take some of the blame if your QB is under frequent pressure. This is especially true if you are running two deep threat receivers (Banks and Williams). That said, you just traded two Veteran O.Linemen and replaced them with Sophomores or Rookies. Compounding this further has been our lackluster rushing attack.

As far as the short kick...yeah, you had 1:48 left and you had previously produced 2 and outs, it was clear your QB just got hot and you still might have gotten away with one or two first downs by Ottawa. Depending on how things went down forcing a punt would have more then likely left enough time to make a few more plays and get into field goal range, as opposed to very likely giving Ottawa field goal range.

Alex Green should be back next week.

What I like about kicking it deep if you have time(they did) and your defence is capable of a stop is it limits what the other team can do just a bit. When ottawa starts out at their own 20 or so, if you kick deep and make a good stop, they are hesitant to throw it generally, and you can really go after the run. When you miss the short kick they start closer to mid midfield the pass has to be respected way more.

My rule of thumb, back when I never coached in my life, was to kick it deep always if you have time.

Yup. Green is more explosive than any of our other backs, and part of the reason they decided to deal Gable was because they thought Green was also very solid in protection, which would have made a difference today.

But I agree with those saying the team needs to do a better job of making teams pay when they blitz. Outlet passes to the RB are yet another ingredient that's been missing.

Good point. Because, had they started in their own end, they might not have been able to run twice and burn time like they did.

They would have risked having to give us good field position by running twice. Once they start throwing, then it opens up other possibilities, like an incompletion stopping the clock, or a dropped INT.

The team is getting hard to watch; even Montreal looked like they improved against Edmonton, they were close for half anyway.

Let’s face the facts. The D has played well enough in 3 of our 4 losses to win. We can’t score.

Bingo ????

To a point....

Turnovers are part of defense, and we don't ever get any. We drop INTs that can change the game. Fumbles? Nada.

Also, in games against Sask and Calgary, although the defense played well, they didn't hold them when it counted. Long TD runs at critical times were killers.

Also, they don't ever seem to hem a team deep. Can the Ticats ever get good field position? Ever?

Masoli is backed up on every drive, but that's probably his fault.

We have two Canadian running backs who can run the ball, yet Jones tells them to grab some bench. Other coaches usually reward success.