I am very dissapointed.

I am very dissapointed not in the Hamilton Tiger Cats, but in the fan base. Yes, I do understand losing and being last in the league is very frustrating. However growing up in Hamilton myself I was raised loving the Ticats win or loss and I think just because we are losing doesn't mean we should give up on them. I bet in 98-99 when ticats were in the Grey Cup, no one was complaining. The new age of the Ticats are here, accept it. Don't turn your backs on them because they can't win. We need to appreciate what the Ticats do. They will get good. They will win. Just be patient, and support them, or we will have no team to support.

The Hamilton Tiger Cats are a big part of this city, let Hamilton be different, let Hamilton be known as the city who never gives up,we need a loyal fan base.

  • Ryan

I think the fan base is getting bigger and bigger.. constant hits on this website for one.. roudyness in the stands another.. just not loud enough..

what we need is.. as fans.. to know that these coaches are coaching smart football.. we know especially after watching the 4th quarter of todays game.. the players are here to play.. Soo many messed up calls.. and horrible time management cost this one

Taffe just needs to wake up.. and get on the OC and DC's case and show some emotion on the bench..

Nothing will beat the emotion Marshall had for this team.. he put this squad together.. to bad.. he didn't get a chance to fully develop it.. ah well thats another topic :smiley: