I am very concerned............

s it me or where are the Als fans that are concerned about the inactivity or state of this franchise. Okay so I may be blowing smoke but lets look at our team. We have a GM & Coach who cant decide if he wants to continue to be the head coach or be a real GM (which he has not been for the last few years). The expansion draft is almost upon us and management has not give the real fans any indication of what theyre planing. We now have a president who seems to think alls well but at the grass roots level most Football players, cannot or do not know 1o players on the Alòuettes team. We have an againg QB who should retire but is still not giving any indicatuon where hes leading. We have the making of a very exciting team if the powers to be will do something. We get more on the Als from the French press and other CFL teams fan boards, WHY

I have been an Als fan and season ticker holder for 35 years and as of today I am wondering why I should renew my tickets. I want to be entertained by an excitin g team. I do not want this franchise to resemble the Blue Bombers, a ship that goes nowhere...... :?

It's pretty much set that Jim Popp is going to be the Head Coach, and I would be quite surprised if it was anyone else at this point. I don't think that's an issue. I also have no doubt that Calvillo will retire; and even if he doesn't, I doubt he'll come back in any sort of starting/playing role. And I think Mark Weightman will do a fine job as a president. He's been with the organization for close to two decades, and has risen through the ranks to earn the job.

As for the Blue Bombers comparison, the Blue Bombers have missed 4 out of 5 playoffs in the passed 5 years, whereas we've missed none; even this year, where Popp had to rebuild an entire coaching staff from scratch, we fired our head coach in the middle of the season and lost many key players to injury, we still managed to make the playoffs, and were competitive down the stretch.

Renew your tickets; the sky is not falling, and if you look pass the rubble from this season, you'll see that we're still in pretty good shape, all things considered. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Only way Popp returns as a coach is if he commits to the team. If not the Als have to hire a HC.

Glad to see the organization is finally realizing that this situation is not tenable. If Popp wants an escape clause, he has to hire a head coach, and then we'll extend him year to year. If he wants to be HC, then no escape clause and he signs a contract extension. It would be insane to make him HC in addition to GM, only to have him bolt one offseason and leave us in shambles.

He could leave in two months... We'd be in the same shitty situation we were in last year, possibly worse. Bring in a HC that can handle himself and his business. A guy like Blake Nill.

be thankful you were not a Tiger-Cats ticket holder the past 35 years, including the worst W/L record by far in the past decade or longer.
It's been a brutal ride since the heydays of the franchise but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

and to be honest, if the Als retain their nucleus of talent, I could see them vying for top spot in the East next season.

You guys will be fine, and that worries me. :expressionless: