I am very concerned about the Riders future!

Not sure about the rest of you but I really am worried for the upcoming seasons.

First off I am scared that Tillman is going to steal away some of our top Free-Agents and then to top it off, Tamen is going to bring talent in that is less than suitable replacements.

What will make me really concerned is if Jim Daly returns next season, which means the Riders staff is blind to his inability to be a Special teams Coach!

With all these problems happening I am starting to think we're going to start to slide again and before you know it we'll be back to our days where nothing was a guarantee and we'd be lucky to get 9 wins.

Tamen is not even HALF the GM that Tillman was and he's already shown it.

if Tillman was the GM he would have already forced Miller to Fire Daly.. long ago. We're not making good moves for the future of this team!

Do you really think that all these players are in love with Tillman? He was their boss, and in many cases an absentee one. If guys move to edmonton its because they got a better offer, not because it is Tillman making the offer.

Take your doom and gloom crap out of here.

oh come on Billy, are you that blind to Tamen's lack of push here?

Tillman has proven in the past that he will not stand for inept coaching! Tamen made no effort to correct our issues, instead he made up some BS thing and everyone actually defended our Special teams play, when any fan "educated or not" could see that our Special teams was awful and poorly coached.

Tamen brought in Dinwiddie.. not exactly what I'd call a great 2nd stringer here.

Tillman would kick Tamen's Ass and wipe the floors with it if they had to go head to head.

and YES, there are players that will definitely go play for Tillman's team, you just refuse to accept it.

well, wait until the off season and you will see.

Tillman knows how to get the players that are necessary for a winning team. he proved that to us in 2007.

I thought this was a great article that sums up my thoughts pretty well. I feel sorry for all these doomers and gloomers who go around worried that the sky is falling every day. Life must really suck in their worlds.

[url=http://www.nationalpost.com/scripts/Lions+have+time+angry/3691753/story.html]http://www.nationalpost.com/scripts/Lio ... story.html[/url]

What happened in 2008 and 2009? Failure by Tillman? Were you calling for his head in 2008? We haven't even lost a playoff game with Taman yet and you want him canned.

because Taman wasn't able to get it done in Winnipeg.

he won't make the necessary moves to keep this team good.

he fails to get rid of Daly, who is an obvious weak link on our team.

He doesn't have the power that Tillman has.

even the greatest GM's in the CFL can't win every year man.

I'd rather have Tillman here a 1000 times more than Taman.

And I'd rather have Preston Manning at quarterback, Adrian Peterson at running back, and a money tree in my backyard...

WHAT? why would you say something so dumb?

Because no matter how much wishing you do for Tillman to be our GM he is not, and will never be again. So why keep beating that dead horse?

I agree that Tillman is a good GM, but he's not perfect. Didn't he bring in Michael Bishop and keep him around into the playoffs when it was easy to see he was not the answer? Also, I'm sure some Riders like him but I also know that some of them think he's a creep and are happy he's not around anymore.
The Riders have good players and can continue to be a good team with smart offseason moves. Tillman is not the only man who brings in good players.

He was a great GM. I was in Toronto in 2007 and it was one of the best days of my life, and I owe at least part of that to him.

That being said, he was not the God everyone makes him out to be. I don't know how any reasonable fan cannot hold him responsible for our aging offensive line. I don't have the time to go through the last 4 years of CFL history, but I'd venture to guess that, under his watch, we are the only team in the entire league not to obtain or draft a Canadian lineman who is currently starting on our team.

Now that is an interesting thought. Preston Manning at QB. Hmmm…imagine a 60 year old with THAT voice in the huddle. Interesting caucus.

LMAO...oops...sorry...brain going in two directions today. Although you could make an argument he would have played at least as well as Nealon Greene on occasion...:slight_smile:

Tillman would likely have started the process to revamp our O-Line if he hadn't left. he knew they were getting older and had a year or two left.. but Hopson wouldn't let him stay..

so now Taman will not do this until it's too late.

I am still in the air about Taman.
Daley must go. How may missed FGs returned, block FGs, too many men, and failure to stop trick plays on third does that take? We lead in ALL of those categories.
With Tillman, I do believe that if you were a player under free agency, and you came home, and there was a message from Taman and a message from Tillman on your phone, Tillman's is generally going to get the callback 1st. Why, he is liked by players and has actually accomplished things. Barring the one blemish in his personal life, he has an outstanding record. I understand why he had to be let go, but it still sucked.

Article is dead on. And as I always say, IT'S JUST A GAME. For the players, it is also a living for the fans, it's just a game. It's the players who should be in a huff because it is their paycheque ... and even they know to let go and move on real quick.

This is exactly it. Eric lives under the same SMS that every other GM has to. He will pay for some FAs and he will lose some FAs. Many feared that half the D would move to Edmonton when Richie became their HC - that didn't happen. Many feared that half the black player would leave when Shivers was canned - that didn't happen. This kind of irrational, far-fetched speculation is laughable and cflisthebest, who "knows everything" just shows again that he really doesn't.

say that now… we’ll see.

the season isn’t over yet and when the post season starts and the Free Agency days begin in February, then we shall see who Tillman gets to come to Edmonton…

Tillman will not strictly go after Rider players. He will go after the best players he can. if some of the Air Force is available, then yeah...who wouldn't drop them a line?

well no, he'll go around looking at all team's free agents, but the Riders have a very good offensive team here.

fortunately our roster is all signed up! but there are other guys on defense that will be F.A.'s after the 2010 season is done.