I am tired of Close but No Cigar

Where are in Games Thats Great..
but we can never get over the Dam Hump.
I just want see us pull one out
just one game this year from Behind..

I am tired of Being Close I want to win a Close one.

Please I begging ... Just dam game


If it makes you happy, I think the cats might be able to pull off one more win this season.

Looking forward to Porterwilliams tandam, with KK and Jesse in the backfield. Printers gone allowing for creative gm work in signing 2 improvements at o-line, one improved recievers, and one improvement where most needed on defense. Then look out.

I need to see porter in a few more games before im sold on him, if hes money then I agree with getting rid of printers and freeing up some money. I disagree with KK and jesse in the backfield, should be KK and Caulley, let jesse go somewhere else and get injured.

I would give jess one more chance. If he gets healthy again and can stay so till the end of the last game, then he better than caulley.

la la la

been there, dun that, move on.....SHESH...

I honestly think he doesnt want to be here another season, and I would be very suprised if he remains a ti-cat in 09'.

Onknight..I know what you mean..but I feel this team will turn the corner..very soon!!..

on another note:
If the Cats sign Keith...I would trade Jesse and keep Caulley..

Compared to "not even close", "close but no cigar" is pretty darn good.

I'm not looking for a playoff berth - being entertained and seeing hope for the future is about all I'm looking for this year.

The last two games have delivered on both counts.

Section8 you are easily pleased. I agree with you if we were playing one of the top teams but when we are playing the second worst team in the league at home on such an important night, I want to win some of these close games. i want to enjoy that damn cigar. lol

8) Exactly !! That game at worst should have been tied up via the field goal.
We just still come up with new inventive ways to blow winnable games  !!          <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

This is the Caretaker brand! "Raise prices give the fans the worst teamm in the leaque for the past 4 years and exspect them to be happy!" Well To be honest ,it sounds like someone is not respecting the smart people of Hamilton!

Easily pleased maybe, but mostly just tired of getting wound up about things I can't control.

Every year when I put my money down, I want them to win. But if, ten games in, they're not winning, what am I going to do about it from the stands or at home behind my keyboard?

They don't deserve to be in the playoffs so who wins doesn't mean much for the rest of this year - what's the difference between 2 and 4 wins? If they're competitive in their remaining games, even if only for 59 minutes like the past two games, they'll eventually figure out how to win.

Unless they cave to public pressure and blow it up all over again.