I am the metaphor that speaks for Rider Nation

This is a day not unlike any other day. This is a day where I wake up and prepare for battle. So, when I stand here and look you in the eyes, know that these eyes have been here before and lived to tell the of the hell they saw.

Know that these eyes have seen things that made them wide, made them close tight and made them cry. This doesn't make me hesitant or weary. This doesn't make me fearful or weak. This makes me experienced and experience makes me strong. Experience teaches me to do more than merely survive. I'm alive. And as long as I'm alive, it is a good day. I have the fortitude. I have the forward attitude.

One year ago, I stood here. They said I couldn't do it. But I held onto the hell my eyes witnessed and brought it with me each step for 365 days. Today I release that hell. This Nation stands here with more to fight for than anybody else it looked in the eyes this year. I stand here knowing that nothing more can stand in my way. I stand here with all the power of the universe.

My story is success. I will look back on all who sent their doubt, alll who sent their hate. I will look back at them for only a second, just long enough for them to realize that I never stopped going forward. It was them; they stopped walking long ago.

These eyes do not show me events as they unfold before me, not anymore they don't. These eyes show me events, not as I see them, but as I make them. This "game" and all that's associated with it belongs to me and I'm taking it home.

So doubters, show yourself now, or forever hold your peace. Today is happening. Today is victory. Today is legend.




I'm feelin pretty confident the Als are in for a big surprise today!!!

Blah, blah, blah. I look forward to your blind support of our coaching staff next year. But wait do I hear change in the air??? My guess is you'll blindly support the new coaches, over looking any OBVIOUS errors they are making because you just don't understand the game. It's guys like you who are killing this team and not looking for the improvements that are obviously needed. Congrats to you.