"I am the 13th Man"

EDMONTON -- It didn't take long. Upon the Roughriders' arrival in Edmonton for the 98th Grey Cup on Tuesday, they were immediately questioned about the 13th man debacle in their 2009 Grey Cup loss to Montreal in Calgary. Rider cornerback Omarr Morgan was in no mood to discuss it.

"That's probably going to be in our mouths regardless," Morgan revealed. "13 men on the last play of the game? That's probably not heard of in professional sports. Football, whatever. That's gonna be in our mouths for the rest of our lives but we don't look at it as revenge. This is the next Grey Cup, the next year. We're not thinking about last year. We just wanna win now. We could care less about last year. That's you guys' job to talk about it. We don't even think about it."

Omarr was pressed for the identity of the 13th man.

"Well I was the 13th man," Morgan huffed. "It doesn't matter who was the 13th man. Coach Miller could care less about that right now. Coming into the season all we cared about was making it to this Grey Cup. It'll be a sour taste in our mouth because we lost the game and how we lost. We could care less about last year. Montreal don't care. Calgary didn't care, Toronto didn't care."

"Who was the 13th man? I was. Omarr Morgan was the 13th man. Period."

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I love it. Let's play some football!

The Media should just have a 13th man day and get it over with and done.. and then all vow to not bring it up again for the rest of the week! stop focusing on something that happened LAST YEAR!.. focus on this years game!

even though i still find humor in it whenever a comment is made, it is more funny these days just because no one has dropped it lol. i agree that the media has run the same story and the same questions for a little too long, but like morgan says thats their job. i'd say something like 70% of questions asked by the media to athletes are useless, redundant questions that they think will get people to listen or read what they have to say. again i agree that it should be over, but it wont be. i garuntee you that everytime the riders get to the grey cup for the next ten years they will ask something about the too many men penalty.

not if they win it this year.

it'll be more about redemption!

if I were one of the players I'd be like "next.."

or I'd give a Don Matthews answer, that usually made the Media guys just stop.

You had to know the whole 13th man thing was going to be huge this week.

Now, here's a problem.
The Riders' previous solution to not being able to count was the famous 12 pack of Pil in the huddle. Now, its goina be pretty cold on Sunday. What if all of the cans freeze and explode? What will they do then?

Amen to that! :rockin:

Bottles, they are more insulated.

And having fingers taped due to injury makes it difficult too.

I wouldn't call -6 pretty cold Grims.

hey, how is it 2:57? I'm in Mountain time and It's 1:57pm here. yet I see a 2:57!

Grims- Who eliminated the BC Lions = Saskatchewan.
i don't think you have the right to put the Riders down as they put your lions down!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can trash talk anybody I want. Got an issue?
Also for the weather, I thought it was susposed to be -25*C. That would be an issue, -6 isn’t bad however.

Sports night with Drew Remenda and Buddy Whatshisname revealed that it was Sean Lucas. But then Remenda went off on some crazy tangent about how Lucas should have came forward to the media and all this non-sense . . . Anyways, it don't matter because this is 2010.

The local newspaper here brings up the 13th man, time and time again here. People writing in asking them to just drop the issue and do some sports reporting. You guys ain't seen nothing compared to here since training camp. Locals don't even notice it anymore. Sadly proves the local reports are not very sharp.

Just to close it off once and for all: I was the 13th man. And there was 13 replies to this post so I had to get beyond the unlucky number.