I am stunned

I see posters claiming that Arland might be the best ticat receiver in history :roll:

These posters must all be under 20.

Such a statement is an insult to such as Winfield, Champion, Flutie, Stapler, Patterson, et al.

Add Rocky to the list and for an short time Tony Gabriel was a Cat. Andrew Grigg had some good hands too.

Every generation of new fans think they are witnessing the greatest players of all time, I know I did the same when I saw Garney Henley play in the early 70’s.


I'm not the least bit stunned at the prospect of Bruce being as good as those guys.

He's got quite a ways to go to be in the same class as Henley or Patterson. . . both on and off the field.

But I'll agree with this. . .he's the best Cats' receiver this season, and better than anyone seen in Hamilton the past several sesasons.

Got to stop living in the past, guys. Bruce has the capability to be one of the best if he sticks with the Cats long enough and the Cats have a strong QB that uses Bruce's abilities. Keep an open mind.

Bruce is one of the best receivers in the game right now. He's been consistent for the last 6 years.

How could you not put him up against some of the greats?

Take out Dipietro and the rest of the guys didn't play that long. Winfield was the longest at 10 years but Champion, Stapler, etc didn't play for us for long periods of time.

Dipeietro and Flutie were really good receivers. They remind me of Ben Cahoon. Guys who caught a lot of passes for a lot of yards but they did not have that breakaway speed.

Bruce has that breakaway speed. Anyone remember the Labour Day game from 2006 when Allen passed Moon on the all time passing list? Bruce took a 5 yard pass and took it 30+ yards for a TD.

Bruce will go down as one of the best receivers in this league. You can look at the stats and say that he's not near the top but in the CFL especially stats aren't used to tell the whole story.

Except you were right Dr. Mopar - the GARN is the greatest player of all time!!

Toronto fans can say what they want but they are going to live to regret giving Bruce to us for a song and a dance. Actually, very possibly, for nothing. What a steal. :lol: :lol:

I agree. I also agree he's been a great CFL receiver over several seasons, but those weren't in Hamilton. To be one of the Ticats' best ever, he needs to play at the same high level for a few more years with our team. I hope he does.

Yea, many people said Gordie Howe was the greatest hockey player of all time and then along came a young fellow named Gretzky. And now we have Tavares and Crosby challenging the superstars of the past. Time does not stand still.

No one was was Better Then Earl NO ONE ...

At his age he has no hope of nearing the accomplishments of any great Ticat receiver. He may end up as one one the great CFL receivers but he needs to play at least 1/3 of his career here before any consideration to calling him one of the great Ticat receivers. Is Wayne Gretzky the greatest Ranger that ever played. Wouldn't be on my list

Taking into consideration what Arland has done in Winnipeg and Toronto
I would definitely include him among the best receivers who have played here

The great ones like him and Earl Winfield have an exceptional ability
to jostle the defenders out of position while they are snaring long passes.


It still amazes me every time I am reminded of it

Garney Henley wasn't a full time receiver

and he won the award as the best player in the league

If the outstanding role he played as a safety hadn't so important,

what fantastic stats he would have had if had been
a full time at receiver the previous sixteen years!

Definitely either under 20, or else relatively new fans.

You young'uns would have to make a pretty good case for why Bruce > Winfield. They were not dissimilar types of players - both were big-play, go-to receivers who were could also return kicks. For most of us who can remember back to the 1990s, this argument is over before it begins. For those who can't recall, either look up the stats, or don't start an argument when you have no idea what you're talking about.

As for Flutie, he did have 5 pretty solid years here. We were contenders the whole time and he was the best receiver without doubt. Always knew how to get open, and very rarely dropped a ball (ahem - Bruce - usually once a game - cough). As "clutch" a receiver as there has ever been. There are even some (perhaps the author of this thread?) who have argued that McManus only enjoyed the career success he did because he played with Flutie.

I agree with this...

and this...

and this...

AB3 is terrific no doubt. The greatest TC receiver ever?... no way, and probably won't ever be. That doesn't diminish his talents, it just reflects the reality that his career in Hamilton isn't likely to be long enough to permit him to join some of the company that's gone before.

And I agree with all of that !!

If you could change things up and rewrite history so that all of the receivers mentioned played all their career with Hamilton, I'd still shy away from annointing Bruce as the greatest, since I think his off-field persona and his antics on the field from time to time put him far below class acts like Henley and Prince Hal.

I agree with that too!

Must be old guys living in the past. :lol:
No one said Bruce IS the greatest ticat receiver, they said he MAY become the greatest receiver. You don’t know how long he will play, how many TDs he will score or how many receptions he will catch, so hold back your criticisms until he has a chance to prove himself over a couple of seasons. If he is one of the key factors in the Ticats rise back to their glory days and is able to play for many more, injury-free seasons with a good QB, there is no telling how good he can be. We don’t know, so stop pretending you do and enjoy his superior skills.
I’ll go so far as to say that Mr. Cobb and Mr. McDaniels also have the potential to go down as all-time great Ticats judging from their performance in their rookie years. That’s not to say they will, but they certainly have a good start.
Look to the future boys, instead of dwelling on the past. :cowboy:

Based on age I'd say McDaniels has the best shot, Cobb has less of a shot tho I think he'll be a better player and Bruce has no shot to play long enough here to be considered