I am so broken hearted

was browsing through pictures of these beautiful machines and my wife told me I cannot buy one. :cry:


Those are monster towers .

I like the Port a Party myself the larger 35ft one (crown royal ) it could easily sit in end zone with that elevated party deck on top ; it's perfect . I use to party at one time .

....I can sympathize, my wife won’t let me have a tank...

You're wife is a keeper then FYB. :wink:

Just do what I do...just drive home with it park it ..go inside..
Don't say a word.

I did that when I bought a F650.
Her reaction was....
Well not as nice as the truck hahaha

Never ask for permission, better off to say you're sorry after the fact. :wink:

My wife won't let me mount a .50 cal gun on our Jeep. Not even a decommissioned one.

this one would be good enough for me.

too bad Jamie Davis sold it


decent Jimmy decent

Maybe she will help you with your rotator cuff...

I wish somebody could

gives a new meaning to catch a bus


that is one weird looking fire truck


how the heck do you park a truck there


a happy wife means more to me than everything else in the world and life.

...amen brother

Fear of an unhappy wife is not a pleasant feeling at all. :wink:

Hahaha...so you want to roll that through your suburban neighborhood but hate the boom boom .

Yes.. Good way to be in a marriage.
Luckily for me the wife values my happiness too and she also is a southern woman with a little dash of redneck in there.
First thing she wanted to do was drive it .

my wife would have great trouble getting into either vehicle. Our ford focus wagon is just her style, :slight_smile: