I am so broken hearted too

I did not mean anything by my statement, Oskee. The CRTC made sure we got to listen to our homegrown talent and I'm all for that. You are right on that there is a limited amount considering the USA and Great Britain filling the airwaves...
Heh, heh, I still mute Joni Mitchell. She is not classic rock. Thanks for the thoughts.

Ya Dan...I still love listening to games on the radio. Radio overall is still a first choice for me in a lot of ways at home. It's certainly the first thing that gets flipped on in the morning.
When I was a kid we'd always go to a cottage in the summer with no TV. The CFL on the radio was a must.

Psychedelic Psunday was easily the best music program on any Toronto station. I tuned in regularly. It was in fact the only reason that FM 107.1 was the fallback setting on my radio dial.



The first Grey Cup game I followed "live" as a kid was the 1959 one between the Tiger-Cats and Blue Bombers. (We didn't get a TV until 1961.)

Moreover I still have very fond memories of listening raptly to the B/A CFL broadcasts on CKSL radio in London in 1961 and 1962. By 1963-64 more CFL games were being televised on CBC's London affiliate, CFPL-TV, and I don't remember listening to any more games on the radio.

I still like sitting outside on my porch swing on summer and fall evenings listening to Argonaut and Tiger-Cat radio broadcasts on my ghetto blaster as well as Eskimo and Blue Bomber radio broadcasts over the internet. I'm looking forward to doing precisely that again this weekend!

The answer is satellite radio, yes it does cost a monthly fee.
But it has all genre of music.
For example 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and also theme chanells.
The other best part there are no commercials the music chanells.
It makes traveling distances enjoyable.
The bonus is there are play by play stations for all CFL games.