I am so broken hearted too

After almost 30 years on the air, Psychedelic Psunday has been axed. Andy Frost is gone too. He designed and started the show in 1985. Frost is also the voice of the Leafs at the ACC.... There are surely a lot of people who are pissed. I think Q107 will rue this decision. I really hope they come to their senses or maybe it is just a media ploy and the show will be reintroduced with hoopla and fanfare. I don't know....Sad

Correction. 33 years on the air. My mistake. early morning.

what was the theme of the show Dan?

And just bye the bye: I'm a huge radio listener. Love the medium. Regular CBC radio guy at home but try and tune into local shows when on the road. I always find that two things often show "the soul" of a town. The most pop neighborhood pub and local radio.

It was classic rock between the years 1965 to 1975.

I love the radio too. You're bang on about the soul of a town. Driving across this country listening to new stations as I go along was a highlight and killed the time.

Apparently the station Q107 is looking for a younger demographic. Kinda stupid since Andy Frost says his audience is in the range from 7 to 70. Many kids grew up with this show on Sunday afternoon. My two boys still listen and they are in their late 20s.
I can't even Email Corus (parent company) because they have no email anymore. I won't be listening to Q107 anymore and I will boycott any of their subsidiaries.

Andy Frost is an encyclopedia of rock n roll knowledge. Best DJ I've ever heard. Rory O'Shea a close second.

Have you ever heard of Zoomer Radio ? It's for us elderly people. They play a wide range of music.

Ya I have. But I have little or no interest in that nostalgia stuff.

I like radio to inform me about today. But I know what you mean. However what excites me more is what people are thinking, listening to now.

I have a lot of music from years gone by already.

Rosanne was axed by ABC today... don't jump over the cliff.... :wink:

Sorry Sambo, I'm not catching your drift.

Apparently even the old Rosanne shows have been yanked from Hulu and Viacom networks after her tweets.

I don't understand Sam's comment, either.

I watched the old shows some but I was never a fan.

Long-time fan of Psych Sunday, was hoping they'd continue it with a new host. They did have it on overkill for a while with the two-hour Psychedelic Brunch on the weekdays and 12 hours of Psych Sunday a few years ago. I could only handle so much of The Guess Who and The Band because there was very little Cancon from that period. And counting Joni Mitchell as classic rock was really pushing it.

Do enjoy the programming on CHEZ when I'm visiting in Ottawa. They have some great old stuff.

Yes Rosanne and many other poets of the day .

This one I remember from the Woolworth's bathroom circa 1975.

Today I sit here broken hearted paid a dime and only farted .

Yesterday I took a chance and shit my pants .

what are you missing most? the music or the man?

I listen to a 24/7 60's, 70's, and 80's station

as for the man, around here it is, or was, Red Robinson.

He was MC when both Elvis and the Beatles came to Vancouver.

He is either retired, or semi retired.

Had a theatre named after him until some yahoo bought it and changed the name. He was a good sport about it though

I occasionally remember that one as well. Cant remember the last pay pottie I used. Never paid anyhow :slight_smile:

Neil Young, April Wine, Rush, Lighthouse, just to name a few Canuck acts from that time.

The music first but Frost is like a part of the show. He designed it and hosted it. I told him once that when he is not hosting, it's just not the same. He liked that..There are a few guys who could do the show but when Frost quit for a while there was one guy who did really good. His name is Rory O'Shea. To make the show good you have to know the music, not just play songs....They used to have a feature called the vinyl hour where they would play albums, scratches and all.. I still play albums. The sound quality is like nothing else.

Ya...guys that have been on the radio for that long are really missed by their audience. 33 years is a lifetime in a way. He must have been really good.

I'd really miss Michael Enright and his show on Sunday morning on CBC radio. It's like he's a regular presence in my living room. My kids almost never had a Sunday morning without him.

I don't want to veer this off to much but I'd sure like to hear a local sport talk program that wasn't 24/7 hockey. Winnipeg used (maybe still?) to have one that I would listen to when I was there for a few weeks. I think it was on CJOB early evening. Hockey was a topic but so was CFL, the Bombers, CIS stuff,NFL, baseball etc. It was really good.

PS ...I still do lots of vinyl too.

Fair enough Dan. I just meant there was a limited amount. And some seemed to get an excessive amount of airplay for some of their more mediocre songs. Not just on Sunday, but the rest of the time.

Great stuff everyman. Veer off all you want. I'm pretty sure this qualifies as entertainment.... I went to school with a guy named Michael Enright. I wonder ?
My son bought me a Doors album for my BD recently. I first played the CD version and then the album. The sound from the album was much much better. Fuller. You could hear all the instruments more clearly.
CJOB- good station for sports.

When you're far up north at a fishing camp with no TV, the radio is your key to the events. Listened to many CFL and NHL games on the radio.