I am sick of this. . .

I want to know how many of you, regardless of your real postion on the matter, in the very least feel that if the Bomber's were any other team Randall would have seen some playing time by now?

Very simple. Not so simple minded.

Dinwiddie first. Give him 2 or so games. If he isn’t anything special, throw in Randall.

If Randall is just as bad. Then the next 2-3 years are going to be fun…

Or heres an idea, throw me in at QB. I promise I wont sit there with knee braces in the pocket all the time…and I wont throw the ball into double coverage.

Hah, might aswell…same results in the end…

Geez fans, Give Ryan a chance, he brings Spark to this team and he has patiently waited for his chance for 3 years now, minus the GC game he has 0 Starts, he has been here long enough, he studies the playbook like he is back in University and he knows the team BETTER THAN RANDALL, Randall was brought in as a 3RD string QB for a reason, to be 3rd string, he may get a few plays here and there, but Dinwiddie is the man!!!

Nobody here is blaming Dinwiddie, I'm just not so narrow minded to believe in the second-coming of a miracle. That being said, tell me when it comes down to the sense of what really matters most?

2.0 = the bombers at 0-4 haven't managed an offense that generated only 1~td per every 6 qtrs. (this follows)

2.1 = Any reasonable attempt of an offense is TO SCORE POINTS. . .

2.2 = this is indicative of a very inefficient strategy, that in order to correct it should have at least shown Not only Dinwiddie but Randall (I would think) would have already been taking snaps (which he hasn't.) It's unbelievable to me.

Very simple logic.

What is it with Bomber fans and wanting to jump to the third string guy?

No, nowhere else would the new guy at the bottom of the depth chart been thrown in this early in the season, except for injury. Usually you go to the backup first.

Tony Randal is going to play Quarterback? 8) And I thought Damon Allen was old. :lol:

Next thing you'll tell me Jack Klugman will be playing receiver. 8)

What an Odd Couple that would make. :lol: :lol:

.....don't put it past 'TONY' Randall to try and get in the game at this late stage of his life sport....after-all he did marry a 28 year old a few years back...and fathered a set of twins if i'm not mistaken....not bad for a 73 yr. ol dude...now that could be taken as ODD..... :lol: :lol:

You guys make it seem Dinwiddie's breast-feeding for the backup role and you're all surrogate candidates for the in-vitro. If the Bombers (as I fully expect. . .) wet the bed, instead of Randall, then go back to Glenn without any question??? The fact is this team hasn't scored points on offense, there is no reason that Randall shouldn't be given playing time. Berry is completely covering his tracks, the trouble is the footprints are as large as an elephant it's hard keep the hiding place secret.

0-4 isn't that bad, try 5 years of it before you talk to me (speaking as a Hamilton fan)

I'll add to that for certain, which I empathize with how candid Hamilton is of its team. In Winnipeg's case it's very different, considering the fact Randall deserves to have at least been inserted through some point of turn. I highly doubt this is blasphemy considering an 0-4 start to the season with an inept offense. It's really that serious here.

No matter what Bob the snob Irving does to live down how bad the team is right now, (listening to Irving rudimentary football huddle).

Tonight, it was John Huffnagel doing Irving the honors, and Huff played Irving like a fool knowing full well the consequences.

Who votes 'yes' in this poll sees exactly what's at fault.

I've watched Randall in practice and he is nowhere near being ready to run the offense. To put him in now would do more harm than good for the guy. He needs to hold a clip board on the sideline, like Durant has done for the last 3 years in Sask, first.

I must say: that hurts to hear, but I believe you.

My only guess is, if they throw in Randall, they'll be forced to utilize Roberts, with that in mind the opp. defense will be easier to read/react to creating passing situations on second downs.

It's not impossible but it is doable. That's what the coaches are here for.

Here's the thing pigs_eye:

we can point at taman for our next topic of focus, however, talking solutions not (as in taman) part of the problem.

1.1. we've had the 'we need to play our back-ups' more often due to lack or inexperience in case our #1 goes down. (my reason follows)

1.2. now that we're in the position NECESSARY to give back-ups the snap counts, I see no obstacle in doing just that.

We need to overcome this inability to perform, while not shooting ourselves in the foot over it. It forces the coaches into alternatives that opposing teams don't LOOK out for.

I blame this entire mess squarely on Bauer's shoulders.

Nobody deserves this going into Thur. nobody. All of the sudden we're dinwiddie'd to death, but done taking risks at 0-4. I don't think we'll be showing up aces on Thur. if you ask Berry.

When they run that option hand off with Glenn, it isn't fooling anyone. Everybody knows Glenn isn't going to keep it and run, so they all pull down ontop of Roberts.

Dinwiddie on the other hand, does have the ability to take off with it, so they can't cheat towards Roberts on that play, which will give Roberts just enough of a hole.

The running game, should, start to open up now.

I hear you there about Roberts. But the point is the opp. defense forces Glenn to keep the ball on every option the off. runs. That would mean if Dinwiddie were to fake the option, and do a bootleg, then maybe flip a shovel pass or screen might be more effective. Bootlegs are kind of deadly on passing situations though, so I wouldn't be surprised if the option is called, that dinwiddie SHOULD keep it himself, then look for roberts in an out pattern.

Khari Jones used to be as ineffective as Glenn is; I agree with you about dinwiddie's chances.

Yup, it opens the play book right up and Berry has been hinting all week to expect it. The longer the qb can buy some time moving around, the greater the chances of somebody getting open.

Man, for things to work as Roberts should be come Thur. so much rides on execution. I am only realistic not skeptical of what to expect.

i agree with pigseye...Randall needs to absorb more on the Bomber sidelines, before they put him in the line of fire....Dinwiddie is the guy right now and i hope he can give this team a badly needed lift...Just the fact he can take-off with the rock is a bonus and should open up a few things...including Charlies running game. :thup: :rockin:

In less than 48 hours, unless dinwiddie has a knack for ball control offense, which I think won't be happening. . . then there is no reason to suggest that a younger qb wouldn't be able to do the things we need to.

Dinwiddlie can run some options to Roberts to take the pressure off him. He can also throw some quick outs to Roberts to get him into the game early so Calgary's defence doesn't come at him all the time. Even a couple of deep plays to spread out the defence is in order. I believe Calgary can be beat deep, but that remains to be seen. Winnipeg has to utilize roberts alot this game wheather its running out of the backfield, screens, or short passses otherwise they cannot win. The have to use the clock in time of possesion to KEEP BURRIS AND CALGARYS OFFENCE OFF THE FIELD. wINNIPEGS DEFENCE IS ON THE FIELD MUCH TO LONG TO KEEP FREASH.