I am sad

I am sad

I am sad… that I couldn’t afford more then two season tickets.
I am sad… that I couldn’t get of my friends to come out to games.
I am sad… that there might be 5 000 people in Ottawa waiting for the $99 when the folded the team.
I am sad… that my phones calls to City Hall couldn’t convince them to cut a new stadium deal for a new owner.
I am sad… that we couldn’t find real new owners like they did in BC, Ham and TO in the last 7 years.
I am sad… that the CFL fans in Ottawa have a bad reputation out West.
I am sad… for the restaurants and pubs who for 9 days in the Summer and Autumn had an extra 10 000 customers.
I am sad… that the Alouettes fans who can’t get tickets in their own stadium won’t have a place to watch them live.
I am sad… I won’t see the look on their faces when they realize that ¾ of the fans a Frank Clair can tell them off in French.
I am sad… that I won’t get the view the fall colors and the setting sun from the bleachers this October.
I am sad… that my baby son will never feel the excitement of touchdown drive in the Southside bleachers.
I am sad… I will not get the chance to tell Northsiders or the Argos that they suck.
I am sad… for the Renegade Nation.
I am sad… for the staff and the players that won’t be picked up by other teams.
I am sad… that Redandwhite and Statik will never know how this feels and will never understand our situation.
BUT I AM REALLY SAD… that I won’t be able to watch a CFL game for the next 10 years without thinking … what if…


oh great now im sad...

Good post, newbee.

Wow I am just crying I can not take it! Hey the City of Ottawa has soccer in the stadium still have fun! Just remember next time this mayor and councilors want to be re elected you let them know you ticked.

great post. articulate and poetic.

......you should change your nic from newbee33 to thewiseone.....anyone that can make rickyrawnotshisnamebutwhatever shed tears is godlike in my books.....take care man.....

This is a sad day for the CFL with all the talk of expansion this happens. I blame the owner and the city of Ottawa gov't. The did nothing to try to convince the CFL to have the team remain in Ottawa. Thats absolutely a joke. I'am so proud that the city i live in did everything possible to keep an AHL team in my city, and not pulled an Ottawa.

Now Ottawa will have to work twice as hard to get a CFL team. Quebec City and Halifax must be working hard on making a proposal for a CFL team.

Well said, newbee. But don't lose hope for your son to be sitting next to you at Frank Clair some day...probably watching the Renegades beating up on my Ticats. (Hamilton has always had trouble winning there, for some reason.)

Sad day fore sure, the best time I had, on enemy grounds was at Frank Clair..
I hope the CFL returns to the Capital, just like I hope the Jets come back to the Peg..
If you wish upon a star..it really doesn't matter...Jets n Gades are gone...there's no justise in sport.

yeah but if the Jets came back they would sell out every game

look at the minnesota wild have done, sold out every game since they came back into the league.

anyways back on topic...

yeah the peggers know what it is to lose your team. that was heart breaking.

I know that feeling all to well, and it has been 10 years now.

damn, you need a hug, a pat on the back, and a beer mate!

but I still believe that there will be football for u and your son.

OTTAWA IN 2007!!!!!!!!!