I am sad

No more CFL.......... can TC start next month......... I am already missing the prospect of no CFL next weekend.

Cheers to a interesting season to say the least.

Go Panthers, Pats, and Colts :rockin:

Go cardinals, eagles and chargers.

Covering all your bases eh

Pats AND Colts? How does that work? That's like cheering for the Ti-Cats and Argo's...

I hate the Chargers! I hope they finish under .500. :twisted: But Go Colts Go! :smiley:

ti cats and argos are my 1 and 2 in the east, and 2nd and 3rd overall.

I cheer for colts because of Manning, and Pats because of when they had Flutie, both times. Also I like Pats helmetslogo.

How do you hate the chargers?

I cheer for them from when they had Mike Riley and when they had Doug Flutie.

Are you a GiantsEli Manning fan by any chance???

For sure tough without the CFL but the NFL fits the bill ok even if my heart isn't in it, still love watching football and this will take us to the end of January along with hockey and then yup, training camp in May-June, time will go by ok.

We are blessed to have the best league in the world and May will be here soon! Next year i think im going to go even more hard core then i did this year... i wonder if i could work for the league some how... hmmmmm

I dare you to become a ref :cowboy:

I can't stand Philip Rivers. I think he's an immature little... (insert slew of insults here). I follow the Giants, but I prefer the other Manning.

I was talking to a ref in Montreal this week and he told me a story of a fan who was yelling at a ref saying he could do a better job, and the ref supervisor heard this and turned to the guy and asked if he really thought he could do a better job... now that fan is a ref.

...haha, the missus and I sat down last night to watch some TV and I flipped it quickly to Monday Night Football and she turned to me and said "hey, I thought football was over?'....

Unfortunately,the NFL is so boring it is rendered unwatchable and the NHL is not much better. Now that they have taken hitting out of the game it is more like the NBA on Ice, except without the personalities. :roll:

ahhh baloney...on both accounts

She was right! “FOOTBALL” is over, you were watching the NFL :stuck_out_tongue:

That's cold, ro... :lol:

It was actually a pretty decent game last night. The Saints clobbered the Packers 51-29. I laughed at a comment one of the announcers made when the Saints went for the 2-point convert. He said something like, "Are they trying to get higher in the BCS standings?" :lol: