I am predicting 14 and 4 season. Whats your predictions?

I am predicting a 14 and 4 season, a home win in the Western Final against BC and I will hold off on my Grey Cup prediction for now. :thup:

At the start of the season I would have forcast between 12-6 and 14-4, so with a 6-2 start, 14-4 is certainly an attainable mark.
14-4 is pretty tough though, and it doesn’t take much to derail a team on the way.
As long as we finish first, I will be happy.

Im going to vote 13-5

I'd take either of those. Their both better than 9-9, which is still possible.


I personally would be more pleased to see the Riders hosting a playoff game. If 10 - 8 accomplishes that feat, good enough for me.


I hear ya, but i would like to add, as long as its above 9-9 im quite cntent... I like being in 1st place going into tha by week ( and now comming out of ) as we're in first for at least a couple extra days..

I say they will go 12-6, they play the Lions one more time, 2 against the Stamps in Calgary, a game in Edmonton, next two against the the Bombers. They dont seem to do too well in Edmonton, and who knows how they will perform against the Stamps twice in Calgary. They traditionally dont do well in the Labour Day rematch in the Peg. So you could see 3 to 4 more losses.

Only 6-4 down the stretch, Sambo?
That will be dissappointing!
That's what we were last year.....
But it could happen.
As I still see Edmonton missing the play-offs, losing to them shouldn't happen.
I see a split with Calgary, a split with Winnipeg.
We should be able to beat BC at home to decide first place, and then we have 4 games against the east. Beating Hamilton back-to back will be harder than most people likely think, but we should be able to do it.
Both TO and Montreal at home?
In the bag...

But it isn't about the record.
It's about hosting the West final.
Right now, 12-6 will likely be enough, as long as we win some season series along the way...

IMO, the only way they win more than 12 is if they catch some lucky breaks along the way.. but the time they play Toronto at the end of the season, Bishop should be back and healthy.. Toronto will be a much tougher opponent than they would be with Bishop out, Montreal is still a good team, it wont to be easy to beat them either. If the Riders play like the way they have 14-4 is a possibility, but 12-6 is more likely, IMO.

I disagree with Toronto, Bishop is probably the most over hyped over rated QB in the league in my opinion. I see Rocky Butler as a very similar quarterback who is mobile and with a strong arm, except he's 3 years younger than Bishop.

I do believe 14-4 or 13-5 will be very tough to attain records, and ill be more than happy with a home playoff game, but so far this team has shown it's able to play well on the road.

Dust, I’m going on the fact that the Argos wer 2-1 with Bishop… he has been out for five games and they have lost them all. Its not a coincedence, that fact is they will be better when he does come back.

I hope we go 14 and 4, then I get to see a friend of mine eat a crow.

I know somebody who predicted a 16-2 season. Even I laughed at him.

Except he wasn't a huge factor in either wins in my opinion. Maybe the team plays better all around with him in there but the two wins were against Hamilton who was abysmal at the time and were probably outscored by the Argo's defense, and Calgary who similarly imploded on offense against the Argo D.

Heck McMahon looked good against Calgary!

Im not sold on Bishop at all.


This is a little off topic, but jman, where did you get that signed Armstrong card/ticket or whatever that is. I was really hoping that last year the Riders would have brought him back, cause a Dominguez/Armstrong tandem would have been deadly. Oh, and the riders will go 14-4 this year, believe it!

Its a card. His NFL rookie card, as a matter of fact. I got it from a guy in the States. I loved him as a Rider, but we all know why he didnt come back...

...he did it for the money!...

Im not sure I know why he didn't come back to the Riders, I mean aside from trying out the NFL. I was a fan of his as well, he was huge for the Riders that year that Dominguez went out the first game of the year.