I am not impressed with Chris Davis

Everyone is so high on this guy but last week he made a few key drops.

This week, when he caught the ball he ran backwards, and took a dumb penalty.

I see rookie mistakes from this guy who is supposed to be a vet.

Yup, but I also see some good speed and enthusiasm.

I thought the “backwards” running was mostly on hook routes, where receivers are sometimes coached to continue back a step or two to try to get separation as they turn instead of just pivoting.

Agree about the drops and the offside penalty(s?).

This guy is 24 years old with 9 career pro receptions coming in to this year.

He is not a veteran as you reference.

I can't stand his show-boating.

Catch the ball...give it to the ref.

We're down 18 points and he's celebrating a first down. People in my Section were yelling at him to smarten up...using different words though.


Davis seems to be able to get open and runs good patterns, he probably suffered from starters nerves, this guy seems to have talent and could be a keeper.

It's way to early to form any valid opinions on Chris Davis. Let him come through training camp where

he will receive more specific instructions of what is expected of him. I think he shows some potential.

I also was a little tired of the lost yardage with all the back pedalling. But he wasn't the only receiver burned doing this. Rodriquez caught a pass and danced left and right until two stampeders sandwiched him. If he had have just run forward, he would have had 3 or 4 more yards. But...whatever???

Come on, we have been waiting for a gamebreaker receiver since we let go of Craig Yeast. We need a guy who can take a 5 yards catch to the house. This is ridiculous how we slam guys for trying to make a big play. Let them have fun for the last game of the season.

Yes, he caught a few balls and lost yards runing backwards, and yes, he had some drops. But this guy has a TD in the last two games. And he does get open. I like him. He's like a younger, faster, better Tony Miles.

Just wondering....whatever happened to JoJo Walker at slotback...never seen him have a bad game and seemed to catch everything thrown his way. :cowboy:

I disagree with you.I like that he finds the ball while alot are not! He is actually what we been looking for a while.A smile fast receiver that can make those crutual catches! Remember everybody on this team has the drops once and a while!

LMAO! Yeast A Game breaker.

Thank you, you made my night.

Slam him all you will, but you cannot take away his talent. He could take missed field goals to the house, had the ability to catch the ball on a short slant and make the YAC yardage.

Everybody on this team right now seems to be the possession receiver that will make the catch and take two steps forward, Davis catches, and immediately looks to try and get the YAC yards. He could be a good fit with the giants we have now.

I like him. Why is it that a lot of fans on this site think they are experts on positional play? This kid has energy and looks like he wants to play not sulk on the sidelines. He just got here and some are saying he should go. sheesh :roll: