I am no longer a part of the evil empire...

As reported below:


I have officially ended all of my ties to Rogers today. I feel much cleaner. Now when I see the Bills in Toronto I won't feel like i am (even to a very small degree) supporting their effort to kill the CFL.

I went with Koodo Mobile (which is owned by Telus, a CFL sponsor).



Im considering doing the same anytime now. Just not sure who to switch to, Telus or Bell??? :? lol

Oh, I thought by the thread title you meant the Eskies. Not to be confused with Evil Incarnate (aka the blue team).

I'll be switching to Bell satellite soon and then all ties to the Rogers Empire will be severed. Is it just me or did Ted bear a striking resemblence to the Emperor? I'm still torn about the Jays though. I really like their team, have a good time at the games, but supporting any Rogers venture gives me indigestion.

Shaw is getting into the game bigtime here in Eastern Canada, they just bought Global are will have wireless in the next year or so. We need as many companies to oust Rogers as possible.

I can tell you, if I had no choice right now but Rogers for cable, I'd cancel it.

Rogers-- consistently, for years, the worst company I've ever dealt with anywhere, anytime. Can't imagine what it must be like working for an outfit like that. Embarrassing for sure. What's it like attending their "How can we piss off more customers today" meetings? My comments are based on their business practices only. Their involvement in football just drags them right off the bottom end of my pole of bad organizations. Congratulations and good luck to you in your new life, Mike.

I will be following you in the spring Mike when my deal with the evil empire expires, I have cable and internet with them. I have Bell Aliant phone and will be switching both my internet and cable.I've found the evil empire the rudest people I've ever had to deal with.It may be different where you are, here the evil empire has been sucking up to it's customers lately because of Bell Aliant entering the cable/internet business.Looks good on them.

That's my problem. I wanted to get rid of my satellite service and Rogers is the only cable option. So I bit my lip, held my nose and signed on the dotted line. Heck, even the technician who showed up to install it said he didn't like Rogers. But I have to say one thing; I like the local coverage that you get with Rogers. I do enjoy watching the Barrie Colts games Saturday nights instead of the Leafs.

I always thought that MLSE was the evil empire so when I saw this I thought you were going to tell us you were no longer a Leaf fan. :rockin:

I would say that Rogers is a very close second. :lol:

If I had meant EE (aka Evil Empire) I would have capitalized the E's. :wink:

Sorry for any confusion. :thup:

I agree MLSE is EVIL due to their opposition of Hamilton getting an NHL team. (The old joke still applies. If Hamilton were to get an NHL team then Toronto would want one too. Hence MLSE's opposition). :lol: :lol: :lol: