I am new to this whole CFL thing

My buddy Cody Balogh just signed with your team. He has spent time on the Chicago Bears practice squad in the past 2 years. He was an all-american OT at the University of Montana and I was just looking for a good place to learn all the ends and outs of the CFL!

Go Tigercats!

Welcome to the site. Best of luck to your friend. We're all looking forward to training camp. It's going to be a tight race of OT so it should be pretty interesting. If you want to find out about CFL this is the place to be. There are more people who think they know everything about football on this site than on most others. :lol: :wink:

bg is right immuh, she knows what she's talking about, well, thinks she does anyways. :lol: (just kidding bg, you know more about the team than I do that's for sure, I enjoy your insights and knowledge).

But seriously, some of the folk bg talks of are the same ones that will try and run your friend out of town if he in so much as says one wrong thing and it gets back to this site. He's a goner then. :lol:

Seriously, all the best to him and hope he makes it and likes it here in the centre of the universe which is Hamilton and not Toronto BTW here in Ontario. :wink:

I guess you both missed the point of his post.. to find out the differences in the CFL.

Here go:

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Canadian_and_American_football]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison ... n_football[/url]

Best of luck to your friend!

Bet he could have looked that one up himself, zen. :wink:

Perhaps I did misunderstand. I thought he joined up to take part in some discussion about CFL and not necessarily to
have the differences outlined by us. My bad.

The best, most comprehensive, comparison between the two sets of rules that I have seen is on the site "13th man"
The link to "Cfl or NFL, which do you prefer?" brings up an excellent comparison of the rules.

Thanks for the responses. I am a big college football and NFL guy (Seahawks season tickets for over 15 years, I am 24 now), so I will check out that post about CFL-NFL differences. I am pretty excited to learn about this all to be honest. I love me some good forum action, so I will probably be around.

Hope you become a permanent fan there immuguy. For your friend as a tackle I guess the biggest difference is the yard off the ball. But I watch the NFL and see the guards and especially the tackles sitting back a yard off the line of scrimmage and it never gets called for illegal procedure. So I wonder if the yard off the ball is really that big a deal for an O-Lineman.

But as borehamgirl inferred humility is a foreign word on here. We either think we know or know we know :wink: everything about football.

There's also this:


Welcome if you like college ball here is an sample of the Canadian game at the Canadian University top level= (big ten) or maybe ivy league_ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7Pc173Go-A

When was he signed to the team, i dont see anything on this as of yet?

Teams will often sign a player and not make it public immediately. They give press releases on guys signed earlier throughout the off-season and as training approaches to maintain fan interest.

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Hey.... Let's hope that he doesn't hit the end or get cut out of the lineup. Some friend. :smiley:

Hey guys.... I had to let him know what this board is like.

Groan. :roll:

lol he signed about 10 days ago or so. I know it has happened though because he was going to be a best man in my wedding and now he can't. Good reason though if you ask me...

Good reason if you ask me too. Nobody’s wedding should come before the Ticats. :lol: Just kidding. Good luck with your wedding.

Welcome aboard, immuguy.
Now that you`re one of “us” , there are 2 things you and Cory MUST learn… starting today, say " EH" after every sentence;

     and memorize the OFFICIAL Canadian Pledge of Allegiance.....

                                         " Oskie Wee Wee,
                                                Oskie Wa Wa,
                                                    Holy Macinaw....

                                                        TIGERS...  EAT ` EM RAW !!!

    Real men wear Black and Gold.

One big issue is the import/non-import ratio for CFL teams. There are times when an American gets released even when he is the better player. Sad but true.

Well smoke, then you don't understand the full intention of what the CFL is all about, in the broadest sense. Remember, the CFL isn't about competing with the NFL or any other league to get what is referred to as the best talent available. It's also about giving Canadian kids a chance to compete at the highest level of competition in their league in their country and thus developing the game more in their country with the thinking that if there is something to aspire for after college and earn some money doing so, this will motivate kids and college players to be the best they can be. That's one reason why so many positions are mandated to be Canadian even if it probably means a slightly less talented league, operative word here slightly.

So I wouldn't use the word sad as you mention, I would say the American got released because he wasn't in a position to make the CFL team due to the mission of what the CFL is all about in the broadest sense as I say. So rather than sad, it's actually a blessing for Canadian kids and the Canadian game and opportunites for the Canadian kids. The US can easily start up a league if they wish to provide players a chance to play professionally that don't fit exactly the mold of what an NFL team is looking for.

Well said, Earl. I fully agree.