I am losing the spirit of competition, sigh

I am finding it harder to openly cheer against other teams because I dont want to offend other posters. Guess thats kinda dumb but, darnit, thats whats happening.

Huh? Post whatever u feel like man. Also make an avatar bet with me.

...we are all that way...you should get some Thryllin tutoring....


yeah, I do post what I feel like, but what I feel like is changing. As far as avatar bets, I never let the actions of others control my actions. And besides, hell would have to freeze over before I would wear a WPG avatar :twisted: :wink:

I find it a little easier to dis WPG as I spent 15 yrs there and found my wife and her family there, all of which are here now.
I still have nightmares about that BC SUCKS chant, heh heh

BC sucks..... :smiley:
Luley throws like a girl.... :cry: . He can't throw the long bomb. 8)
How you feel now?

Just trying to help you get that competitive spirit back! :lol:

Er, starbuck?
Their only victory was against US. Maybe fueling his sense of competition is something we could do next season? :wink:
Just sayin... :smiley:

FYB, Simon is a big hot dog into himself sort, I hate that guy along with Johnson.

Now do you hate the Ticats? :wink: I don't like you either, ok? :wink:

I know what you mean though, I think part of it is the CFL is a smaller league with 8 teams and us fans get pooped upon by others that put the league down and don't respect a long historied trophy of the Grey Cup. It sort of brings us all together a bit I think.

Hard to put down other teams when your team sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like FYB, he's had some good posts. Both our teams are in the crapper so we need to support each other a bit. BC does suck though... But I know what your getting at. If we are in a battle with them for the playoffs, no more Mr. nice guy.