I am looking forward to watching montreal this year

With Anthony Cavillo playing hurt its only a matter of Jason Mass learning the system over there and we will get to see how good he really is over in montreal they have an established O-line and recieving corps Best of luck for Jason I hope he wins every game he plays

Enjoy watching Marcel B call for the 3 yard dump passes and 8 yard routes when they need 10.

How foolish are we going to look when Maas wins MVP in 2 or 3 years and Casey leaves town

Have fun watching Printers throw the 3 yard dump pass because the O coordinator hasn't changed. It wasn't Maas calling his own plays.

Hey, thats how the game is played...you take a chance hoping that it will benefit your team, maybe jason will recover and be an MVP, but it wasn't going to be with the cats...how long can you go with a guy that just isnt getting the job done? you have to cut your losses and move on, it was jason's time to move on

Hey, thats how the game is played...you take a chance hoping that it will benefit your team, maybe jason will recover and be an MVP, but it wasn't going to be with the cats...how long can you go with a guy that just isnt getting the job done? you have to cut your losses and move on, it was jason's time to move on

Bingo x2

Maas is not going to report. And even if he did he would not and will never be a MVP. He's not healthy and he's got baggage

And how will you look in 2 or 3 years when Maas is 'retired' and Printers leads the Cats to the Grey Cup.

without the big printers trade, and without maas as your scapegoat, how long would you feel desjardins would and should have kept his job?, no wonder he's overjoyed about the signing cause it was a stay of execution, and by the end of this season something would have went down. not that i agree with that, i feel from the start patience is a virtue in this situation, but the demand of potential loss in season ticket holders loomed large.
i hope i'm wrong about this quick fix approach again. i like printers and the skill he brings but i'm not convinced of this offence until a number of other things are fixed and put into place. this is charlie and marcel's team and they are responsible for the production or lack of it of the offensive co-ordinatorand this were i'm looking, the talent is there (lumsden,armstead,ralph)etc and i'm looking to see how it is utilized the remainder of the season. printers or no printers, they are not gonna throw the wool over my eyes....again.

Oh guys go look at the sack stats...... Im tired of hearing how montreal has an established O-line! Like I said go look at the sack stats between montreal and Hamilton. then look at the passing yards! thats suprising although Anthony is being sacked more often still seams to have more passing yards than moss.... hmmmm.

give ac our oline and the 2 seconds to throw and no attempt at running the ball then you got another dead duck with a huge target on him.

Are you kidding me?

EVERYONE from Bob Young down to the waterboy had a free pass this year, noone fires people in power in their FIRST year of a total rebuild, and make no mistake, this WAS a total rebuild.

Printers allows Taaffe the luxury of 9 games AND an entire offseason and preseason of play calling coaching, it also gives the upper brass a chance to tweak this roster for 2008.... ok?.. NOT 2007, Casey was brought here for the 08, 09 and 10 season.

With that kind of time, injuries will be healed, offenses will be learned, the defense is on a learn by DO structure right now, seeing as our offense has sputtered so powerfully this year (damn rookies) and will be a dominant force next year.

Get this.. our coaching staff... those same ones without CFL experience... guess what they got now??.... YUP, CFL EXPERIENCE, adjustments will be made, maybe even personnel changes, altho minor.

I, who does not have season tickets this year, but do attend as many games as I can, WILL be purchasing them next year as I CANNOT wait to see this team perform next year and fully expect them to do so above and beyond my expectations.

All I can say is.........

VIVA 2008!!!!!!!!

ive been season ticket holder since i was 12 years old and missed only one home game in 27 years so you can probably bet that i too will be at the wynn thru good or bad.
if anyone looked at my posts at the start of the season i was backing up the staff and hoping for everyone's patience.
by gm 9 though i see things that are wrong and the why's, the same why's i've been watching for at least 5 seasons now. problem is we don't stick to one philosphy and we don't keep our nucleus.
look at every good cfl team and except for a few tweaks every season they keep most of their core players.
i have no problem with rebuild. but it's funny how quick everyone can turn that theory around on the qb in this city. rebuild? why aren't we implemnting an offence and work with chang? why? because we can't. why is our running game not being used consistently? all i'm asking is if need be drop coach working if it's not working. but will taaffe/desjardins be willing to do that at season's end.
i just want the full potential in printers brought out and it seems our last 4-5 offensive coordinators have lacked the imagination to do this.
but we'll see i guess.

All I can say is.........

VIVA 2008!!!!!!!!


Ya thats your alarm bud.....Wake up!!!!!!
Everythings is all fuzzy and good in happy happy Ti-cats land now Eh?? lol

ride the euphoric wave and management will keep you occupied, my alarm goes off loud when i hear we've taken strides in getting the right o/c, fix the discipline problem and admitting that all the blame shouldn't rest on the qb...for once, then i'll be looking with lots of passion towards casey.
printers is a great qb and i like the fact we got him but it's just one of a many issues that need to be addressed if you want a successful team.


I'm just suprised that Jason would go to the Als. Just a few days ago I wrote that what AC needed was a promising young backup to come in and spell him from all the hits he's been taking. Instead you get a veteran who's easily as shell-shocked as Calvillo.
Printers wil be a better leader because of his talent and personality so I think that the 'Cats are better off but certainly not competetive yet.