I am in the US and I can't find the CFL ANYWHERE!

What's the deal? I can't find ANY CFL feeds ANYWHEZRE online, and there's nothing on Comcast or ESPN.

SO...I can understand if the CFL couldn't find a deal for any US broadcasts...but no ONLINE feeds either? WHAT's UP WITH THAT!!! Does anyone know how I can find the games today? Canada Day isn't the same without my CFL!!!

I just saw that the Calgary-Montreal game is on espn360.com. Never used it but it should work.

I have my internet through Comcast, and ESPN360 has a deal with Comcast to allow their High Speed users to stream CFL games...starting in August! I can NOT believe that the CFL is SO STUPID as to marketing the game here in the US!! NO COVERAGE AT ALL OF OPENING DAY is available???? How do they expect the game's popularity to grow in America if people can't see it??? People where I am are HUNGRY for football.

I am flabbergasted.

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