I am in the states, how can I watch the game! HELP!!!

Is there a way to watch or listen to it online. Thanks



Catch 47

All the U.S. and international broadcast info for the CFL can be found here

Streaming video on TSN.ca.

I noticed the Catch 47 website lists the game as a 7 pm start.

That's 7 pm central time and 8 pm eastern.

That's strange since Catch47 is in the Eastern time zone (Tampa).

only available in "the boonies".

only available on certain ISPs.

only available in the Tampa area.

Good luck finding it.

What about ESPN360.com ?


rational, I now you asked about online, but I have watched on the Sunshine Network (?) when I have been on the eastern seaboard in the past. They showed the odd CFL game.


And if you can't get the games there, there's always local radio which is available online at http://www.900chml.com/Station/TicatsMain.aspx

oops, bad quoting. :wink:
fixed it.