I Am Here For My Argos


Just joined. I have been following this site for some time. After my Argos won the CFL Cup ( outcome was never in doubt ) , I got so excited, I just had to join and participate.

Looks like there is a lot of fun topics here.

I hope I have luck with this one. I have made 2 attempts to reply in 2 threads and neither have appeared.

When you hit REPLY, it should be posted right ?

Am I doing something wrong ?

I read you loud and clear. Welcome.

you gotta hit the post button . Preview will allow you to look at your post and edit it before posting . Hitting the Reply button is for adding a post to the thread . Hope this helps , and welcome , I guess even though you are an Argo fan . ;D

Thanks for the red carpet welcome.

I know. I have only POSTED 1 time. I had REPLY to 2 others that did not show.
I have seen my following Reply attempts however.
It works now.

I take it from the Mosca pic you are a Cats fan.

I suppose you are one of those who cheered for the Stamps in the CFL Cup.

LOL !!! Actually I didn't cheer for either team........BUT if it makes you feel any better I was quite pleased to see those arrogant full of themselves Stamps lose for a second year in a row......even if it was to your Argos :o

Check out the forumrules

That'll explain why your replies have disappeared. In particular, look at rules 1, 3 and under the first amendment, rules 3 and 5.

Keep it congenial like you did in this thread and enjoy.

So Silver.Whats your opinion on Cheapskate Braley. Id love to hear what Argo fans think of him after getting an owner who didnt cheap out and actually spent money. Sadly, most of the fans still havent come back.

barley has given away a lot, including 50 million in one shot and other large donation to hospitals and sports medical clinics and such. Braley doesn't cheap out.

Then why dont the Lions have a President? Why did he shut the upper deck of BCPlace back when they actually had fans?
Why doesnt the team have any presence in social media that will actually attract fans under the age of 50?

Braley doesn't cheap out in his charitable donations, but he has cheaped out in the way he's run the Lions and Argos.

Charitable donations generally help out the tax situations for the wealthy.

Money spent on teams themselves only pay off when it's time to sell....and get the offer they want....which Mr. Braley hasn't received to date.

The owners have to make the tough decisions.

Not the popular ones.

Charitable donations trumps pro sports though for long time legacy in a social sense, no questions in my book. Pro sports is not nearly as important as contributing to true social infrastructure.

Charities are all a scam Charities should be forced by law to spend 95 percent of proceeds on the actual cause. Many charitiesspe d less than 30 percent.

Welcome to the forum.

I am new here also, having only just started watching the CFL regularly this season.

So far, it's fair to say that people on here are very welcoming, there's some intelligent conversation and debate, and then there's Braleyneedstogo. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.

:wink: Only joking Braleyneedsto go, you know I love you really.

Nick 1963,


No need to worry.

Like myself MR. BUNGLE, ( aka braleyneedstogo) has broad shoulders and thick skin.
He was a long time poster . Controversy , but very entertaining.

As for SILVERTHORN2500, I like the name.
I know where it comes from.

A SCI-FI thriller about a villain named Silverthorn from the year 2500.

Came back to 1990 to steal the world water resources through a time travel gate.

Very good show and very good choice of name.

He has taken a couple of shots at me, but I am ready for him.

What’s your opinion of apathetic fans who basically ignore the team even after the Argos acquiring the best people in football to bring a championship back to TO?

You rail on and on about cheapskate Braley while the rest of us see all the absentee cheapskate fans who are apathetic - yet still want championships.

You got it. My name that is. Great show for it's time.

Thanks for the props.

I mis judged you.

Sorry about my couple of nasty posts your way.

However, Mod Dave did take me to school on it.

No worries mate. Get it ?

Ya you do.

As I said, I have big shoulders and thick skin.

Rider fans hate me for no reason and I am fine with it.

BTW, as for Mods on your case, this big guy does not need them protecting him.

Welcome, from one Argo fan to another.
Spread the word, defend the team and the league when necessary.