I am going to my first CFL game!

Too bad you didn’t make it to the game David! Being a “die hard” Bomber fan now living in BC, I was excited to go watch my Bombers live!

The win was great, but the atmosphere was pathetic! I think only 12,500 fans and I think even that was a “stretch”. Lots of empty seats, not sure if it’s because of covid or just apathetic fans, or both.

Got there early to make sure we had time to go thru the covid screening. From the moment me and my buddy arrived, it just seemed “dead”. No entertainment or activities, at least nothing cool and/or exciting. Then we got into BC Place. What a waste of a facility! Staff there were great, but everything else just seemed to be lacking! I thought I’d buy a Bomber cap or t-shirt there but was disappointed to find that they ONLY sell BC Lions gear. I wasn’t expecting a full line of merchandise but I thought as a professional league, there might be a CFL shop there or at the very least, 2-3 items of visiting teams’ gear in the Lions shop. To make matters worse, my buddy is a Lions fan, and in everything he wanted to buy, they didn’t have his size (XL).

Food offerings were average at best. I expected more from BC Place! Once we got to our seats and the game started, it was ok, but again, no atmosphere! There was no “rush” from the fans cheering, since there were hardly any fans and the fans that were there didn’t have much to cheer about! When they did have something to cheer about, they were drowned out by the constant “rock concert” level music! I love loud music, but when all your announcer can say is “make some noise” or “get loud”, then pumps out 100 db plus music, kind of defeats the purpose! Every single second of clock stoppage was filled with the music blasting. No commentary or play by play info, or anything useful was really heard. What a waste of an awesome sound system!

After the game, I was excited to party on, hell, I’m in downtown Vancouver on a Friday night. I’m double vaxxed, let’s party on, but was disappointed once again! At least half the restaurants and lounges within walking distance of BC Place were closed! WTF? We stayed in a hotel that had a restaurant and lounge on the main floor so we thought we’d go back there and get some food and a few more drinks. Got there and they were closed! Closed at 9 pm on Friday night within 2 blocks from BC Place after a Lions game! Talk about apathy!

Anyways, other than a Bomber win, the night was really sub par and far less than expected. I grew up going to Bomber games in a crappy outdoor stadium, but I remember the “atmosphere” and “electricity”, win or lose, it was always a great time! ….. and the games at -20 were the best! Snowmobile suit and wine skin in hand! Lol

Now, nursing a hangover, but satisfied with another Bomber win, I’m going to head back home to Victoria! ….. and think long and hard before returning to watch another Lions game at BC Place. I love the CFL! I hope the new owner listens to the community and brings some life back to the games. BC and it’s fans deserve more. From what I saw last night, lot of work to do on all ends!


great comments.

It sounds like BC is trying to emulate what Ottawa and Hamilton have. A much younger fanbase. These markets attracted the fanbase by making it a very fun atmosphere. But THF and TD Place are great places to see a football game.

If BC can't emulate that, they truly are in trouble.

I don't believe we have Non Tiger-Cats gear at Tim Hortons Field. At least I don't recall seeing any. But when it comes to Cats gear, we have a ton of it, at multiple different locations throughout the stadium.

Wish you had a better time. A lack of after party, especially after a commanding win, would have killed me. I'd have found Zach and bought him a beer! What a game by that man.


Lol, would’ve loved to have a beer w Zach! …. And Biggie, Jefferson, and ……

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Yah my first lion game I felt the same way…. I come from Alberta and just find that BC is kind of a lame sports province, I don’t know what it is? Not that I didn’t have fun and if it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to go, I’d go more often but the fan experience in BC is dull. Barely any tailgating… no unique food experience… and a beautiful stadium with barely any fans. This isn’t a covid thing.. the lions prior to covid have a sad turnout. I wish it was different, lots of potential.

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That's the legal restricted capacity.

12,500 was announced. Being there, I’m sure it was 10,000 or less. Covid restrictions or not, Lions games have pathetic attendance figures.

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Yea the 12500 was tickets sold. I have 4 seats beside me that have been sold but only 1 pair have been used in the first home game of the season.