I am going to my first CFL game!

Hello All,

So baring a last minute cancellation because of Covid or something like that, I got my ticket for the Friday, October 1st Bomber game at BC. My first CFL live game. Even got a good deal on the ticket. Looking forward to seeing the Bombers live for the first time. Flying up to Seattle for work the first part of the week and driving to Vancouver for work the second half of the week before game night. Anyone else going to be there??



Congrats, the Bombers are the team right now. They are just so strong in all aspects of the game. Enjoy the game.

Enjoy the game, have lots of fun visiting Vancouver.

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Hope it is a great game ... enjoy

Enjoy the game. Welcome to Vancouver.

You'll have lots of invisible friends to talk to in pretty much every section. Don't get into a shouting match with any of them or security will drag you away to a rubber room and you'll regret those twelve beers you had in the first quarter.

Maybe get up and move around just before half time. At IG Field part of the fun is exploring the stadium and sampling the food. They might have a standing room section overlooking the field in BC with small 'sports bar' tables where you can mingle near one end zone or maybe both.

Don't forget the 50/50 draw. Half the pot goes to a good cause. :smiley: :+1:

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I was all set to go to Vancouver for work and the game, then my local sales rep that I was supposed to be working with got sick and we had to cancel our trip. I will miss my first game after all... Damn.

Very sorry to hear that, would have been exciting. Hopefully things work out in the future for you . When all is closer to normal maybe plan a vacation in Canada and get a game in. All my best to you.

Sorry to hear you can’t make it, hopefully you can get to another game soon.

Sucks to hear that, sorry. :neutral_face:

Good try usc4dav. Don't stop trying. If the opportunity arises consider a visit further west to a different venue. The closer you get to Winnipeg the crazier the fans become. :grin:

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Not much further West he can go :rofl:

@usc4dav Yea that sucks and hopefully you can make it to a live game sometime soon.


You're absolutely right. I meant to type 'EAST' but my fingers refuse to believe that we're east of anybody. :grin:

gives you flashbacks to being in the East division does it.

kinda puts you in denial :slight_smile:

Then again, when you were in the east div, you were the most west team in the div :slight_smile:

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Talk about a positive spin! I will try to remember that little gem next time we get banished to the Dark Side. :grin:

Brutal news.. sorry to hear that you couldn’t make it.

Hi All,

Thanks for the responses. I might be going to Vancouver in November. if not, I plan on getting to a game next season. In the meantime, I still get to watch the games in the states!

Go Bombers!



And to think this bad boy just arrived before I left for my trip. I was ready for the game…


That looks awesome!!

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It is sweet!

Go Bombers!