I am glad Butler has a job.

I always liked the guy. He started a little shaky in the TO/MTL game but he did alright for sure.

I hope he keeps his career going.

Yeah me too. I was defiantly cheering for the Argos when Butler came in.

As much as I like Rocky, i won't be cheering for him next week.

yea glad to see Rocky and Dorsey both taking advantage of their opurtunities.

I hope Rocky has a tremendous game....in a losing cause....
This is his last chance to play football, so I do hope he has found a home.

I thought he may have gone to Edmonton. There is no good back up for Ray. I liked Rocky when he played in Regina, he's good people.

I apologize for openly criticizing Rockys desire to play football, being a career 3rd stringer behind Greene in a Barrett run offense would end most QB's dreams, all Rocky needs is a ligit opportunity and starting Aug. 24 i hope he proves himself.......GO RIDERS

I like the guy, I think he is good people, but I hope we crush him.

May be wrong. But I wish we had kept Butler and traded Crandall. Kick off in 3 hours. We will see.

Rocky did indeed play pretty well...in a losing cause.
Hopefully he wins next week.

Dorsey also played very well.

Very true.