i am done

this has taken so much out of me. i am an all or nothing type of guy and i am so upset after this lost. I have friends visting from BC i have been a complete jerk to them just being quiet and upset. after this loss i can't even speak to anyone. this is it. I WILL RENEW MY SEASON TICKETS BUT I CAN'T WATCH ANYMORE THIS YEAR.. IT HURTS TOO MUCH

Look at the quote at the bottom of your thread and smarten up good fan.

He's not afraid of looking bad because he isn't playing. Can't blame a guy for not wanting to watch a team that doesn't care.

I have not been afraid to look bad the last 4 weeks wearing my Ticats shirt to work on casual day but i just can't take it anymore. i am still a fan and will remain a fan but just can't phyiscally watch it anymore

I'll still be there every week and even in Toronto next week, but I can't disagree iwth you about it being painful to watch. I've never been so miserable watching football in my life.

Look away people ,there's nothing to see here anymore. Get some new bodies in here to give us something to watch...this is painfull