i am currently in alouettes endzone!

I am in Montreal for the week. Me and the girlfriend just walked mount royal and came out the bottom next to percival molson stadium…walked up to get a closer look and the gates are open and we walked into the endzone for a touchdown!..lol
Pretty neat to take pictures of eachother in the endzones of empty molson stadium!

This is awesome! I'm walking all over this stadium, un harrassed, talking pictures!

drummer, cool, maybe you can ask the Als for a tryout and see if they give you an offer! :smiley: :wink:

2 stadium workers went past me on a cart that had a tiger-cats sticker on it...sacreligious, no?...lol

Although small Molson Stadium has to be the best looking and best located stadium in the league. I have spent tons of happy hours watching Als and McGill games there. I used to walk uphill to attend the games, enjoy the stadium and take a short walk to Toe Blakes Tavern to rehash the game with friends. I am planning on taking in a game in future when I visit Montreal again- its a great city with the best two athletic teams going- the Als and the Habs.

Just want to say how awesome it is to see all these new Als fans signing up.

Thanks for contributing ! :thup:

...dg, you two should find a hiding spot and stay overnight, then at midnight make love at centre field, how cool would that be?!...then again it is Montreal, probably been done before....

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Niagara is an old member re-registered under a new name. :slight_smile:

I placed my own lucky loonie in the endzone goal post padding!

:lol: Nice, red.

Nice! Now the Argos will beat them on Thursday!

i'm new if that counts.

The only place left where that hasn't been done in all likelihood is on the cross bar between the uprights because ladders kill the mood

Or just f___ your f________ faces off, whatever works best. :wink:

age has nothing to do with it, eh :wink:

I dont think its quite cold enough yet in montreal for them to freeze their frowning faces off 8)

For my money…the coolest city in North America…

How cool are bixi-bikes?!?...lol

the first 4 pics are from when we wandered through the stadium the day before the game. i'll post more of these pics later.

the next 2 pics are from game day.

Some great shots! :thup:

But one thing I always wondered about this stadium: What the hell is with the block buildings? They look like hell. Castle-looking buildings further back look cool, but this block buildings in the stadium... :?