I am confused

what is this white stuff that is falling from the sky?

is it the apocalypse?

are they having a pillow fight in heaven?

As an Ajax, Ontario boy living in BC im LOVING the snow, so is my dog.

Wont drive though, as BC drivers are the WORST in Canada by a country mile.

Your safer driving in freezing rain, downtown Montreal, wearing an eye patch, than driving in anywhere near Vancouver.

that is only because we got so many people here from other provinces and countries.

back in the 70s, all provincial licenses were not created equal but a BC license would get you switched to any other province no problem.

so here it is, 10:30 pm, about a foot of wet heavy snow, still falling, and I have let myself get into such pathetic shape that I could not shovel 5 shovel full without being extremely short of breath and needing to lie down about 10 minutes to recover, and yet I find myself wanting to go out right now and get er done. I actually miss it. go figure.

and yeah, I finally remembered what that stuff is :slight_smile: