I am broke

Hey everybody. First time posting on this forum but have read it daily for as long as its been on here. So since I know how this works I ask you to not jump all over me after I say this because I know it has been brought up before. I am 14 years old and have been going to Ticats games by myself for the past 4 or 5 years because noboy else in my family is interested in football. I work on a farm for 7.50 an hour well going to school. I am going broke by going to the games. This is what my night looks like financially.

15$ to take a cab from way out in the boonies to limeridge mall to catch the tiger cat express. Which I would like to thank the owner for because had it not been for that it would cost me far more

About 25$ to get into the game

All together between a pop or two :oops: and maybe a klondike bar and a pizza it costs about 20$

Then at the end of the gameI take the ticat express back up and then a cab back to my home out in the boonies another 15$

That would bring the grand total to 75$ now i know that there are ways to cut the cost for example the food. I work right up until 6 o clock and then dont really have time to eat before the game and me being a 270 pound 14 year old i cant really wait till after the game to eat either :oops: now dont get me wrong I am not complaing because that 75 bucks buys me one of the funest times of my life evry couple weeks i love seeing my heros up close and i love the atmospher of being at a game. I hope oneday to be playing on that field and i am very greatful of the ownership and front office staffing and the changes that they have made. But honestly to we really need to charge 4 $ for a klondike bar that you can get at a corner store for 2 bucks [/b]

Welcome to the Fan Forum.

At the next game, go to the first few rows of section 27. Ask the friendly (albeit lubricated) guys there for an Argos-####.com button.

This will enhance your experience, and it will be free. No strings attached.

I dont blame you for being mad about the prices .It has to be hard for young people when thier parents dont pay your way . I have to give you tons of credit and hope you keep coming . i dont see them lowering the prices .Perhaps another poster lives close to you and could give you a drive ???? you give them $10 for gas and you save a lot of money right there !!!!

i agree with ya buddy, i remeber being in a similar situation with the whole money deal a few years ago!
if you ever find me at the games i sit in section 8 row 33 seat 18 ask for Cotton Fan and ill buy ya a hotdog! welcome aboard buddy! :slight_smile:

Welcome Jeremy_54

I used to do the samething when I was your age. I'd make about $60 to $80 a week. The ticket was between $5 to $10 and it was about $1 for the bus.

I never bought anything at the stadium. I made sure I ate on the bus ride to the game. (just stop at a variety store before hand)

That was 27 years ago and I have never regreted it.

I'll never forget the first time I walked up the stairs to find my seat and looking out onto the field. I still get the same thrilling feeling.

You rarely forget game days......Welcome and enjoy

It's too bad Jeremy that your family isn't into football too much. My wife and myself don't have kids but if we did, I would make it a priority to take the entire family to Cat games if at all possible. My father, while on a very limited budget with 5 kids and my mother never having worked, managed to get us to the odd London Knights game in London, the biggest team in London, and we also went to some Mustang football games and Intercounty baseball games. The key thing isn't so much that it was sports. Yes, my Dad did like sports but I wouldn't say he was a huge fan. But the key thing was a family outing, at least with the boys in the family (my two sisters never came). I think my Dad enjoyed it for the time to be with us, just like going fishing which he liked but something different.
It's tough though, pro sports cost money and the CFL is still an excellent bargain, great bang for the buck. But more and more, and we only have to look at the NHL for this, is that pro sports is catering to the business elite, the average fan with not much money in their pocket really isn't the main focus, from what I see anyway, of the NHL and other major leagues. Baseball, while I'm not a real fan, too slow for me, is still pretty inexpensive probably due to the number of games played.
In short, I have no answers but you are learning quickly like most of us that it comes down to priorities in life, where and how you want to spend what money you have left for entertainment. Some tough choices for sure.

I'm not saying to hook up with anyone you meet on this forum. That would probably be foolish. Even though in all likelyhood harmless. But....there are bound to be fellow fans either in your local (ask around on the bus/train) that may be able to save you the cab fare, and/or you may find a friendly group to tailgate with before the game saving you the food fare. Good luck dude ! I envy you. From the age of 13 I vacationed every summer on Chesapeake Bay, Maryland and would take the bus nearly 50 miles, to and from Annapolis (I had to hitchhike there- DIFFERENT TIMES !), to see the Orioles play everynight they were home. What I wouldn't give for those days ! Now I hope the Little Ones won't be awoken by the local thunderstorm during tonight's game on TV. Sigh.....

thats bs, im so sure ura 14 year old boy, ur probly an old man tryna sucker us the cats staff to lower prices, save it bud

Funny ! The parts I can understand. Is that a local dialect ? Great avatar ! The Best I've seen !

the original post got me to thinking.... what if the Cats and the HSR started a "booney bus" that would haul people in from all/some of the surrounding smaller communities. Whether it was free or there was a small charge (say $5), it would sure save posters like this a few bucks and would potentially bring in more fans who would otherwise not be able to make it. If they did the pick up at some of the rural high schools, they could probably spur on more interest with the teenagers. Just a thought....

Mr Jeremy .. I believe I can at least arrange it for you to get a free ticket for each home game.. since we cant make the games I'm sure our son would be glad to give you one for each home game ... let me know

Nice offer "Rammajamm" :thup:

By the way, someone above mentioned a "boony bus".....one thought came to mind right away.... :wink: :lol:



Well he might not be a 14 yr. old boy but judging by your reply you sure seem like one.
Grow up or get out.

270 lb 14 yr old??

You should be bringing salad and water from home to enjoy on the ride to the games. That will save you some money with other benifits as well.

ya man that was called for? :? the guys tryin ta make a point. and if this kid works on a farm he is guanna be in pretty good shape so 270 could easily be some muscle.

not likely on a 14 yr old. In any case, eating a healthy meal on the way to the game is both economical and healthwise benificial for all of us.

i know its the wrong thread.... but really, from the main anti-swear man, you sure are rude.

whats rude about encouraging a kid to eat healthy and save a few bucks, and possibly his life somewhere down the road, depending on his situation??

i know a lot of farmers who just happen to be very tall. one is a very scary spitting image of zdeno chara.

i wouldn't put being 270lbs past him. and he's only about 6'6"

doesn't look huge, just weighs a lot.

and still, kinda a back handed piece of advice FYB