I am ashamed Palmer is Canadian.

So Jessie Palmer hangs it Up Good Radiance..
This guy is So Hollywood I am Sickened by him
Palmer was never a Real QB.
He was Actor Playing a QB.
All Palmer Cares About is the All Mighty Dollar.
Why Else did He do the Bachelor..
To Become Mr Hollywood.

On The NFL Network He Never talks about Being Canadian.
This Really Fries my Temper..

Russ Jackson was Last of Dieing Breed The Canadian QB.
Palmer just put Nail in the Coffin..
He had a Chance to Bring the Canadian QB Back to the CFL.
HE Choise the Money of Brodcasting. :thdn:

Thank God for Import QB Like McManus Allen Calvio
Who Love Are Game. :thup:
I am ashamed Palmer is Canadian.
He Could not Hold Danny Mac's or AC Jock.
He was a Never Was .
Danny Mac Went into Brodcasting but atleast has Creadabily
Danny was a Football Player not a Actor Like Palmer

Jeeise Palmer QB Give me break. :thdn:

Why is that something to be ashamed of?

Why is he obligated to pursue a football career?

He is very good in front of the camera. I would have liked to have seen Jesse Palmer play football in the CFL, but if he doens't then best wishes to him in his future endeavours. I don't hold it against him for doing what's right for him.

Hey, Jesse is doing what most people would do, take the money and run. 99.9 percent of CFL players want to play in the NFL IMHO. Why? Because the money is better. If you have choices in life, sometimes, you go for the money. If Jesse turns down this broadcasting thing now, he may never get another chance. He might not have made it in the CFL either. I'd probably do exactly what he is doing and doesn't make me a bad Canadian.

2nd string QB in Montreal
NFL TV gig?

HMMMMMMM let me think what I would do???

I don't hear other announcers state that they are American, why would Jesse make a big deal of his birth place in a football forum?

If he is good I will watch him, if he stinks he will not be on the air long.
It will have nothing to do with his birth certificate.

...and he wasn't 2nd string in Montreal. Last year he was 4th, behind AC, Brady, and Greene.

Why do care so much about a 4th string QB?
I can't remember the last time I told anyone I was Canadian.
Are you upset with me?
This is not what should be worrying you...ever.

Perhaps you need a break.

IMO its Montreal who is at fault here , why dont they trade his rites, why didnt they let him go to ottawa, , How many other good players are being shelved for one teams greed???--

Jesse figures maybe the CFL needed him more than the reverse because of his acting thing and NFL thing. He would “save” the league in a sense, give it a higher profile (gag, gag) and when he found out it wouldn’t come easy if not at all, he looked for other oppurtunities. Who knows.

Massdestruction.......as to your question of why Montreal didn't let him go to Ottawa, I have some news you may have missed.

Ottawa doesn't have a team.

This post is really sad. the guy was in the nfl. he was a pretty good qb in college in case you didnt tune in and he earned an opportunity to play as a canadian in the nfl. i think its halarious that you think this guy has to justify his canadian pride to you onknight. i think you are just bored and looking for anything to post on the boards. maybe you should have re thought this one. NEXT!

Popp said Calvillo is #1 this year and the Als are looking for a contract extension to 2009.

Palmer's chances of getting to be #1 anywhere dropped significantly with the end of the Ottawa expansion bid.

It looks like he's just getting on with life.

Am I a fan of his? Not at all!
Do I understand the vitriol thrown his way? Nope-, can't say that I do.

re-Ottawa doesn't have a team.
Ottawa Had a team and Montreal wouldn't trade his rites!! check your fact before you try to correct, thats a double dumb ass Jack--- My point is Maybe Ottawa would still have a team had they acquired Palmer , As he was very popular in Ottawa, could have sold a lot of tickets!montreal,s BAD

What are you talking about? Montreal is at fault, is that right. You of course have proof somebody wanted his rights and Montreal refused to allow him to pursue that chance? Oh, you mean nobody actually asked Montreal for his rights…I didn’t thinks so.

Maybe I missed something, how long has Montreal had his rights? You say they didn’t let him go to Ottawa, when? Maybe I just don’t know how long Monteal has had his rights…but Ottawa doesn’t have a team the last time I looked.

I’ve about had it with people saying that the whole CFL collective is conspiring against Canadian QB’s. The whole argument is ridiculous. Do you really believe that if a Canadian QB who had proven skills and talent who wanted to play in the CFL would be denied a shot because he was Canadian? If you really believe that would happen I pitty you.

As for good players being shelved by greed, that makes no sense whatsoever. That just sounds like you’re upset that nobody wants a Canadian QB in the CFL. If he had any value and Montreal did not want him they would trade his rights to anbody they could who would want him. That would be the greed of wanting to get something in return.

QB is the most important skilled position on the entire team. As a fan I want the best available athlete I can find to lead my team. You can’t afford to hand out that position based on national pride.

Please don’t compare today to years gone by when the likes of Russ Jackson played. Totally different era. Back then there was a lot more focus on Football in the high school athletic scene. Today the US athlete, especially QB has far greater profile than in decades past. The training, experience, skills and focus is just not comparable.

If you think that Montreal would keep on Palmer on the practice roster or something like that knowing he could play just so nobody else could have him you are just being bitter and unobjective.

Montreal refused to trade his rites to ottawa while they still had a team, thats the way it was reported at the time, if your anti Canadian Qb thats your problem, ANY person with any football Knowledge can see that there most certainly could have been at least one or two Canadian Qb,s since Russ Jackson, HAD there not been obvious prejudice, -Even Damon Allen has mentioned this.- Fact is Ottawa could have benefited had they been able to acquire Palmer. -Maybe its Montreal's tern to fold again-good ridance

Another thing about Montreal, that younger folks may not know, Back in the old 6 team nhl, Toronto and Montreal, both had well developed farm systems, when the nhl expanded, Toronto gave up its extensive farm system for the betterment of the nhl as a whole, and supplied the expansion teams with their talent,Montreal did not and guess who won 5 Stanly cups in a row??? Of course thats all ancient history now,and Montreal are at par with the rest now, But the Leafs still haven’t recovered their past prestige!IMHO

I can't find any fault with Palmer's decision to opt for the U.S. tv gig. In fact, I think any rational person would've made the same decision. Maybe the few here who are dumping on Palmer are envious of his opportunity.

An Argo-Cat fan

Let me Tell you a Non Football Story..
PT Barnum had Problem with his Side Show.
No Body Wanted to leave them once they got in.
So He put up a Huge Sign "this way to Great Egress"
People Flocked to the Sign not knowing it ment Exit.

See the Great Egress": P. T. Barnum

" Too damn many. Too many of these s u c k ers are just hanging around, looking at the same 'oddities' that they have already seen. Too many are starting to wonder about the 'Fishman' skeleton and the two headed snake. I even heard some talk about calling the sheriff and having the show run out of town. I tried to make the damn exit look exciting, to lead them on to the midway and the rest of the show. I need more turnover here, move them through fast to let the next group in. But how? I need them to want to leave..."

I am Doing the same thing with this Topic.
Getting People to Come to great Egress.
Only I am posting a Topic and Sparking Conversation and Debate

I have to agree..I don't even see the point of this thread.....if I had an opportunity to make mega-bucks in the U.S.....I'd be like"........see ya later Canada!

Many from Canada have made it huge in the media business stateside..as well as entertainment....

Peter Jennings
John Roberts

to name a few

Good Luck to Palmer!........make the coin while you can!

To quote the great gieco's commercial (so easy a caveman can do it)
"allow me to rephrase my question.....whhhat?"

you did not post a topic you posted a comment....and then gave evidence to why you believed it. its ridiculous and i am ashamed that you are canadian.

Onknight: I'm definitely not ashamed of your Canadian citizenship but I think your comments on Palmer are out of line and obviously getting very little support.
Hey, so what! Keep writing. Its fun to read your comments even if I disagree with you at times.