I am an optimist but just for fun

Hey what if and it is a massive if I realize the Peg wins tonight and Ottawa were to loose this weekend. Montreal is the only team to beat a team in the West and only 2 wins in total.

Now stay with me, what if Ottawa beats Montreal on the 31st. Then we beat the Argos and Ottawa in a 5 day period the following week leaving us with 4 points after 10 games, Montreal would have 6 and Ottawa with 7 after 11 games.

Absolutely terrible I realize but that would leave us only 3 points out of a playoff spot with a game in hand against both Ottawa and Montreal.

I think my math is right and the topic does say I am optimist. No real reason to be optimistic given the Cats play to date, just optimistic by nature. Well, that and for the first time in my life I actually bought Grey Cup tickets for my son and I for his birthday back in July as a bucket list thing for he and I.

Anyway, would we still be rebuilding at that point? Somebody has to finish 2nd in the East. My friends, right now that is only 6 points and even if Montreal wins both that is only 10 points.

After the bye week in a period of 5 days we could be in a fight for a playoff spot. Seriously, we could be.

We are completely out of it if we lose both Labour Day and against Ottawa the following Saturday but if we win both games we still could have an opportunity, seriously, really we could, seriously, lolol.

Just trying to see the possible, probable I am not sure but certainly possible,


You're right. It's certainly possible. But I will let the optimists in the crowd remain hopeful. I prefer sitting in the middle of the dump in the pouring rain and crying. It hurts less that way when what I expect actually does happen.

Hey My Friends, does anyone want to join me on the optimist bandwagon yet?

Don’t forget we have games in hand. It is possible friends, and I know still highly improbable but more possible and even probable now and if Harris misses 4-6 games. As much as I sincerely do not want anyone to get injured I believe the chances of Ricky Ray getting through the rest of season is highly improbable as well. Montreal has not been any good at all.

Can we beat a team that just got clubbered by Winnipeg? You betcha and though that is poor grammer I believe it. I like our chances against a very raw QB assuming Kevin Glenn is out. Even if he does play I still like our chances.

This could get really interesting if we can win this coming Friday night. Jump on board there is still room at the moment!


I became more optimistic the moment that Austin was kicked upstairs especially since Reinbold was already replaced.

There was major coaching issues on this team. There still is some issues with coaching and some personnel issues as well. I am though more confident than I was a month ago.

Win the 3rd in a row on Friday and the confidence will grow.

I'd love to see them beat the Riders who aren't as good on the road as they are in their own barn, but they are an improved team from the one the Ticats faced in July (and the Ticats weren't even that close in that one if I remember correctly). I think they can do it but it's probably going to be another ugly win and they'll have to get out to a fast start again as they did in Ottawa. Bonus is that they'll be in playing at THF.

I guess I'll classify myself as cautiously optimistic! :slight_smile:

Glenn hurt:

I've been experiencing optimistic thoughts ;Dfor over a week now, and much more often in the most recent days, but:-:

I gather Glenn is not completely ruled out as we don't really know exactly what his injury is, nor the severity. Plus, Brandon Bridge is not exactly a slouch, and has a strong arm and good receivers. It will be another close scrap, and another nail-biter ending.

So, I'm saying Cats by about 6, something like 31-25.

Had the time to catch up on CFL news and do some dreaming this morning. Studying the schedule ahead, I came up with a couple of interesting FACTS:

  1. If the Cats win all of their remaining 8 games (;D&::)), they will finish first in the East.

  2. If all Eastern teams, including HAM, lose all of their games vs. Western teams from here on, and the Cats win all 4 of their remaining games vs. Eastern teams (2 vs. MTL, 1 each vs. Ott and TOR), the TiCats will finish first in the East.

Both statements are true, regardless of how the other Eastern teams do in their remaining games, not covered in the scenarios above.