I am an Argo fan

More of a johnny come lately band wagon jumper than some of the people with tattoos but still.

What would an off season be without an MBT controversy? Personally I think he is the best in the league but not sure if that will save his job. Not that he would not have other options if it went that way.

Lots of people calling for Chad Kelly though including positive comments from Dinwiddie and I still think Dinwiddie likes Nick Arbuckle and could see that happening in a 1B role. Would have to look to see who played third string last year so no idea if there is already someone in the pipeline.

Henoc Muamba played a good game right before becoming a free agent. Gotta think someone will pay him.

Sign AJ Ouellette for sure and maybe Andrew Harris.

Champions you say !!

From another eastern team by chance?

I think Kelly is a better sell. Played at a top college, he has the name, and you could possibly sell some tickets in the Buffalo area. Argos need a face to put butts in the seats. The only thing that worries me is sometimes his mouth gets ahead of his brain. He has had off field problems.


I can't see Muamba signing anywhere else (well, maybe Hamilton) as he's so entrenched in the Toronto market. I also wouldn't be shocked to see him retire on top.

No. Getting to be a very long stoy.

Biggest problem with Kelly is the 6' 4" Viking warrior sitting next to him. Some would say that it's a good problem. If they were playing hockey, that makes for a solid one / two.

If they hadn't had the success they had with MBT it would be easier to start the season with Kelly. Then if they don't win with Kelly the heat will be on. Not really fair to Chad Kelly or MBT for that matter.

Then again if he wins and builds on the previous successes it could be the catalyst required to re-open the upper deck.

Bethel Thompson won't be out of work long. I don't think he retires.