I am a little bit in a bad mood right now, grrr

My top 4 teams are now 1-8, with at least 1 more loss coming this weekend. Not having fun this season so far. :cry:

I have only 3 top teams and are now 5-3 with perhaps 1 more win coming tommorow.

Wow, the Riders are one of your top teams???

Who'd have guessed that? :smiley:

You might be referring to FYB; mine are Esk's - Stamps and Argo's.

If you are referring to me, the riders were the first team I cheered for and were my number 1 team as long as lancaster played for them, maybe longer. Didnt really jump on the lions bandwagon till fernandez and pankratz showed up one day, although they were always my number 2 choice before then.

Not sure how anybody can switch favorite teams,since I was a kid I have cheered for the elks can't see myself cheering for anybody else

its easy. Vancouver is my home town. However, I never was into watching sports on tv until I was 11 and a cfl game was on a black and white tv. I had nothing else to do, so I watched. Naturally I cheered for the white uniforms. It was the riders. They won. I kep cheering for them and they won the Grey Cup. Lancaster and co. became my favorites, but you know I had to eventually become a lions first fan.

same thing happened with my first fav NHL team, the flyers of the 70's.

I'm one of the one's who did switch teams; not once but twice. But anyways this is for oilerrocker: When I was a kid I cheered for the Stamps as we lived in Calgary. Upon moving to Vancouver in 1966 I remained a Stamps fan and then took heart to the Lions when Vic Rapp was hired to coach the LIons. I remained a Lions fan up until 2006 when the QB issue transpired, thus I became frustrated. The forest industry in B.C. had mills going down left and right, which brings to Slave Lake to work. Upon there, I decide to go to a football game in Edmonton in the summer of 2008 to see Winnipeg vs Edmonton. Once inside Commonwealth and went to my seat I was excited with the surroundings in an outdoor Stadium and with these Eskimo fans around me were friendly and upbeat. That was the beginning of what was about to happen later on in the winter and here's the story; The Eskimo's had this cruise set up for a 10 day vacation (March 2009) in the Carribean and I decided what the heck I'm going to go, what I didn't know was there was over 40 of us on the ship. To make a long story short I got to meet along with their wives, Ricky Ray, A.J. Gass, Kamau Peterson, GM Danny Macoicia and Rick Lelacheur in a meeting that was set up for football talk. After talking to Ricky Ray, then later with A.J. Gass I became an Eskimo fan.

same kinda thing happened to me when I was a kid watching the leafs play , but I punched myself in the head until I was unconscious woke up and the game was over . that would have sucked to become a leaf fan .

You're old.

getting there.

I was young once though.

Guess what, it doesnt last.

I've been young my whole life.

yeah I know, we can tell by your posts :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont rly know how to reply to this haha

Sorry Esks not Elks, Dam spell checker!