I almost Feel bad for Winnipeg...

ALMOST. After losing all three last year though, this felt really good. I think the Riders played spectacular and have nothing to complain about. Winnipeg didn’t put up a whole lot of competition though so I think the next 2 weeks will be a more accurate test of our skill. The Bombers can at least take a few positives away though. Our D-line, considered by more that just Rider fans as one of the top in the league weren’t able to get to Glenn as much as I assume most expected, which means Winnipeg’s O-line stepped it up and aren’t as bad as everyone thinks. I guess that is good for them. I think whoever was blocking Scott Gordon on punting situations should be fired!!! I think it is great that he got 2 blocked punts, but someone must have screwed up. Anoth positive for the Bombers, John Ryan, when he actually got his punts away was kicking very well. But then again, other than the one off the side of the foot, and the one that was half blocked, McCallum’s kicking was fan-freakin-tastic. As far as offense goes, Winnipeg needs something fixed bad!!! It can’t all be blamed on Glenn, cause there were some dropped balls and what not, but he just wasn’t very good tonight. However, with how well our defensive backfield was playing, I don’t think much could have helped. As for our offense… Corey Holmes is a machine!!! over 300 all-purpose yards. Dominguez is phenominal. Thurmon and French are fantastic, and as for Greene… he may not have thrown for 400 yards (248-ish I believe), but he didn’t throw a single interception and he didn’t fumble (on the 1 yard line or anywhere) so I was more than happy with his performance. It is nice that the Riders are starting to get some respect in the league, and I don’t think even RedWhite2005 (or whatever your name is) can disagree that they deserve it this year… but I am sure he will. I do however hope that Winnipeg improves before we meet again. A one-sided Labour day classic is such a let down. I hope the games are a lot closer… I still want to win, just by a smaller margin =) Good luck next week against Edmonton.

Go Riders!!

Normally I would feel bad for any team that loses this badly, but…it’s Winnipeg. I don’t hate them, but it’s really hard to feel sorry for them. I’m sure if they keep losing games like this I’ll feel sorry for them - heck, I may even cheer for them (unless they’re playing the Riders). But I’m not there yet. Hope the next game is closer, but I’m going to enjoy this one.

Thank you Rider fans, and congrats on a well deserved win last night. Normally, I dont pay much attention to Rider fans when they boast how good their team is, but last night sure opened this Bomber fans eyes. Your boys played outstanding and Neelon looked as sharp as I have ever seen him. If last night was any indication, you guys are a contender. Good luck the rest of the way. I am off to 6:30 am tee off if you can believe that, I just hope we dont get that weather you had last night.

I, for one, don’t feel bad about my team right now, we were patahtic! We look like a Rams fram team in a pro league and we played like it!!!

Glenn, Canada, and Westwood (especially him) were horrible! Roberts was good, if it was a team of all Chales Roberts, we would have do better! I would love to see how Michna will do now if he starts.

The Riders were great last night, they out witied, out played and out lasted the BB. If they keep on playing like that all season, They going to be tough to beat and will give Calgary a run for their money in the playoff race. Congrats to the Riders and their fans, you guys got a great team!

Winnipeg, we got a LOT of work to do!!!

Riders, see you at the next game, we will get you next time! :wink:

Did the Riders play good? Or did the Bombers just make them look good by their horrendous play?

After watching all the games this past week I’d have to say, the Riders vs Winnipeg game was the hardest to watch. I thought Greene had a real hard time throwing the ball. A lot of passes underthrown and his spirals often tumbled end over end.

I’d need to see how the Riders fair against Edmonton, BC, Toronto, or Montreal.

Edmonton’s pash rush will be unsurpassed this year and I have a feeling Greene will be spending a lot of time on his back when the Riders come to Edmonton.


Oh well…I watched the game, and didn’t expect to see Holmes do all that! He really suprised me. Especially at the beginning. Anyway, I’m not that disappointed because I know the Riders have a good club. It’s just that the bombers didn’t play well. Only 15 points… All we got was a safety that gave us one point. A punt return by Stokes for a touchdown and two big plays with Stegall, that gave us another touchdown for 15 points in total. We have to do better then that. I just hope we can re-bound next week…(Thrusday) agaisnt Edmonton in Winnipeg. Sigh, I’ll be listening to another home game on the radio…Good luck Riders, and we’ll see you back on September 4th in Sask. Go Bombers Go! -.-

Holmes played like a BEAST! HE just dominated out there! over 300 total yards by him alone! I WILL NEVER FEEL SORRY FOR THE BOMBERS AFTER THE HELL THEY PUT ME THROUGH LOSING 3 TIMES TO THEM IS UNFORGIVABLE. This is sweet revenge!

the only person the BOMBERS made happy last night was the one that won the plasma T.V…what a win for the Riders and an embarrassment for the Peg. I can’t remember a BOMBER team that lacked intensity…desire…and heart as the team I watched last night. A HANDFUL of guys played well…the rest better be looking over their shoulder for their replacement the next game if this continues …bloody pathetic. :oops:

Did you watch the game? Roberts had like 9 yards rushing dude.



There was also a guy on CJOB68 that won 22,222.22 when Holmes returned the opening kickoff for a TD.


… and that is sad! :cry:


I think you were exageratting a bit there, Kanga. Stegall did ok, he didn’t drop a pass, had 4 catches and a td so he was prob the best bomber. Stokes had a td and Wickman played decently.

I think it says a lot for your offensive prowess when your oldest receiver at 35 years of age is still your go to guy. I also find it sad that arguably the best back in the league was held to what was it? 9 yards rushing? 12 yards? I mean good lord. I promised myself I’d be patient with this team, but last night’s performance was reminiscent of the Reinbold days. Oh god…make it stop…this horrible nightmare!!

Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black. Not sure if you watched the game against Ottawa, but they looked even more pathetic than the Bombers. So before you start raggin’ on the Riders, ask yourself whether the eski-shmoes did as well as the score would claim. From what I watched, Ricky Ray was having a great game (I started watching late in the game) but every time he passed, his reciever was wide open. Even an innacurate pass would be easily catchable. So was Ray and his recievers that good, or were Ottawa’s defensive backfield just that bad? And yes, we will see when the Riders play Edmonton. But Remember, our QBs may be the same as 2 years ago when you beat us in the West final and went on to win the Cup, but our teams are completely different. Don’t think we will lay down that easy this year.

Go Riders!!

Have to agree with Dr Rise here, especially considering the pounding Ray took before Ottawa’s middle LB went down (his replacement was horrible which added to the lack of coverage). Plus it looked like one of the Eskies experienced O-lineman went down with a knee injury haven’t checked how bad its yet. Your qbs could take a beating this year, its a good thiung you have two starters. Although I have to admit from what I saw that big running back of yours looks good, even without any major holes he still was able to break tackles and get some positive yards.

Easy there tough guy.

I cannot remember a team looking so bad in the CFL. Winnipeg is in BIG TROUBLE AND IT STARTS AT THE TOP!!! The CFL is supposed to be fun football to watch- Winnipeg is not fun to watch!

The Riders might not be fun to watch if they’re playing against a team that’s organized and has a good secondary. Greene sucks at throwing an accurate long ball, and as a QB you have to be able to stretch a team’s defense. Sure they tore my bumbling Bombers apart, but how will Greene do against an Edmonton, Montreal or Toronto? He’s lucky he has a good ensemble around him. Just hope that he doesn’t go down either. Crandell’s iffy at best.

Well it was his first game in 2 years and he overthrew 3 people, and 1 really wasn’t his fault. That doesn’t matter its not the long bombs that wins you games, its those 10 yarders that keep the drive alive on 2 and 10, like we did last night. I think we had 2 TD’s on 2nd and long.