I Agree with Tommy Joe Coffey

Fans make more of rivalries than they really are. The players may want to win games and have that desire, but it's the fans who feel the team MUST win, and there's a huge difference. And it's sort of unfortunate that this much emphasis can be placed on the heads to players from fans who "need" to see their team win, because it brings about the end of employment for certain individuals. But that's what happens when you're in the limelight.

I remember reading in Ken Dryden’s book “The Game”, where the Canadiens would laugh at the suggestion that there was still a rivalry between the Cup-winning Canadiens and the sadsack Leafs. Rivalries are mostly in the minds of the fans and the teams’ marketing people.

An Argo-Cat fan

Jesse was making Speech in Locker room Before the Game.

Half They Guys where not even Listening to it
They had Back Turned
Some where listing to Music.

In fairness to the guys, from what I've seen Jesse isn't the most electrifying speaker. :wink:

He seemed perfectly fine to me. i give the guy plenty of credit for standing up and trying to inspire the team. jesse knows about the rivalry. Most of these guys are Americans and know nothing about any rivalry between Toronto and Hamilton.

I didn't really see what the guys were doing but standing up and making a speech like that is what a team leader does. Regardless, of how "electrifying" he is, I would think any player who is serious about his career and team would be paying attention to a pregame pep talk from a veteran.

Jesse was really inspired by a speech that Montford gave to the team and I think he was riding that wave. For Jesse it was probably a huge lift to get a talk from Big Joe but most of the team probably doesn't even know who he is.

Fair enough. Jesse deserves credit for stepping up.